Review: Laneige- Foaming Cleanser

Posted on May 3, 2010



Product name: Professional make up remover foaming cleanser

Brand: Laneige (

Size: 180ml/6.1 Fl. Oz.

Price: Approx £24.64/ $38.00 (Varies depending on where bought)

Laneige’s second offering to their range of cleansers, is their (lengthily entitled) “Professional make up remover foaming cleanser”- to keep things short, I shall simply refer to it as their “Foaming cleanser.”

Company info

Laneige is a Korean based company who mainly distribute their products within the far- east and so it seems that only us K-pop crazed or Korean fanatics from the rest of the world might have heard of them.  Being highly endorsed by Korean celebrities- the company’s products can be compared, in terms of quality and pricing, to world widely recognised mid brand companies such as “Lancome, Clinque” and the like.

Product info

This Foaming cleanser is tagged as being a product which has many wonderific ingredients in it; including 5 natural plant ingredients (Orange, Lemon, Bilberry, Sugar Cane and Sugar Maple), Vitamin E and White Birch extract- all of which, combine to make a moisturizing product which promises to protect your skin from dryness whilst cleansing away everyday pollutants.

To use the product, you simply take a smidgen (I find that just over a pea size suffices) mix with a bit of warm water, lather up, cleanse on your face and then wash away with warm water- or cold water, as I like to do in the mornings.

My take on the product

9/10 stars

To be honest, up until recently, I haven’t been much of a ‘beauty routine’ type of girl- washing my face with a face towel and moisturising with Olay was my ‘routine.’ But having reached my 20’s and finding my skin lacking it’s old youthful, spot free glow I went on the hunt for products.

Now originally, I had planned to buy Laneige’s original (and other) “multi-cleanser”, because it is raved about, but once inside the Laneige store, the sales assistant told me to try the NEW foaming cleanser and I thought “Why not.”

Firstly, I must say that I am glad I chose this cleanser because, in retrospect, cleansers (such as Laniege’s multi cleanser) with their cleansing beads have not tended to be appreciated by my sensitive-combo skin. But this Foaming Cleanser, has become a staple to my beauty routine because I have found no skin irritation and it has provided me with so many other bonuses it’s freshness really wakes me up in the morning and whenever I use it, it really does feel as if it is cleansing all of the day’s pollutants from my skin but not in a harsh way that leaves me feeling dry afterwards!

I also like the texture of the cleanser before I lather it up; it’s weirdly like toothpaste- not too liquidly that it will just drip out of your palm but slightly creamy. Because of its texture, the cleanser foams up well when you add water and also, the product has lasted for so long because of it; I have used this religiously for the past 7 months (since I purchased it) and still have more than 2/3rds left of it! Which is a bonus, if you’re feeling a bit put off of paying over £20 ($30’s) for just a cleanser.

The convenience of the flip top lid means it’s easy to dispense the product evenly without wastage and the pearlescent look of the packaging doesn’t look so bad on your vanity table either!

So why did it just miss the mark at a full stars rating? Well, the product is said to be a “Professional make up remover” but with me recently becoming an eyeliner-loving type of girl I find that, whilst the cleanser can remove a full face of make up (ie foundation, eye shadow etc), it doesn’t completely get rid of my eyeliner sometimes. But that’s just me being pernickety because, seriously, what girl would really rely on rubbing a foaming cleanser all up in their eyes to remove a bit of eyeliner? Just pass me an eye make up remover on a cotton swab thank you very much 😉

Pros: Not irritating to the skin, lathers up well into a foam, lasted long, only need to use a pea sized amount each time, light/refreshing smell, leaves the skin feeling fresh not dry, the convenience of a flip top lid means no spillage and the bottle looks good too.

Cons: Doesn’t quite remove all of my eyeliner! Hard to purchase if you live in the UK.

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