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Posted on May 13, 2010


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Product name: Jasmine Water BB Cream

Brand: BRTC  (

Size: 60gm

Price: Approximately £21/ $31 (

A beauty phenomenon originating from Korea and which is now making waves across the far east- BB (Blemish Balm) creams have the appearance of cover ups/foundation, but have the healing abilities to treat acne, wrinkles, sun spots amongst other things. This, BRTC’s Jasmine Water BB cream, joins the ranks of many.

Company Info

BRTC (Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic) is a Korean company who (what I can gather from rough reading-between-the-lines using Google translator) originally provided beauty/skincare products purely for customers who had undergone plastic surgery- a seemingly popular ‘past time’ in the Korean culture.

However, the company has evolved; now providing skincare products to us mere, untouched mortals and, having gone global, their 7-line products are now readily available in-store in 6 countries outside of Korea.

Product Info

Suitable for all skin types this Jasmine Water BB Cream, is said to have 3 functions, in it’s ability to whiten, conceal wrinkles tightly and moisturize- whilst also having a nifty sunscreen SPF of 30 and providing enough coverage to diminish redness to give off a flawless, dewy finish.

To use the product you can apply (with your fingers) a few dabs on your face before blending through your entire face as a make up base before foundation or as is.

My take on the product

7/10 Stars

Upon hearing about BB Creams, I immediately sat upright with intrigue- products that can provide coverage whilst also “healing” various skin problems? I had never heard of such things here in the UK, in fact my idea of coverage (i.e. foundation) was the complete opposite- they tended to cause breakouts after full days wear right?

With this, I researched deeply on BB Creams and chanced upon buying this, (my first BB Cream) by BRTC; with the simple reason that BRTC is highly raved about by netizens for their quality of products and this, the Jasmine Water BB Cream, was a variety that many people had been desperate to use.

The product itself, has a light jasmine scent and can be compared in texture as a creamier, slightly thicker version of your everyday liquid foundation but the difference is that this BB cream does provide good coverage- giving your skin a more even look and because it’s slightly thick in texture, can cover up any redness or slight skin imperfections you may have without slipping off your face after an hour of wear. However, I’ve found the product can only conceal spots, (kind of) reduce the frequency of breakouts but not actually treat spots themselves-but then again, it isn’t advertised, as having that healing property though is it?

Other then it’s great coverage, I liked that this cream didn’t cause a bad reaction to my highly sensitive skin and because of it’s moisturizing properties, it didn’t appear ‘dry’ on the combination areas of my skin. Also the fact that it has a high SPF built into it is great as that’s one less thing to worry about.

But with the good comes the bad, which will explain my (although great) not so perfect 7 out of 10 stars rating; firstly, the texture of the product makes it great for coverage but not so much for application. Because it’s so thick and creamy, it takes a while to blend out the cream before it appears to sit more naturally on your skin- also if you’re thinking that you can apply this using your normal foundation brush, just don’t!

Also, the cream, despite now being revamped in it’s packaging (from a purple to a blue bottle) still has that same one problem- it’s not available in various different skin tone colours; it’s comes in just one- very light. I mean that’s ok if you have lighter than average Asian coloured skin (like me during winter) but BRTC are really alienating their market because of this. Yes you can look ‘dewy’ but you can also look really ashy, and slightly ill in the winter (I pull the look off better in the summer sun, it appears).

Also, finally I’m not sure that the cream can provide the whitening functions it says- yes it can make you appear white when you use it, but not really, actually whitening your skin from beneath it’s pores. One final kicker, in terms of the ‘bad points’ is that I feel the product can provide moisture but near the end of the day, after a few hours wear, the T-zone can begin to feel oily (it has no oil control) and so you end up having that I’m-wearing-foundation feeling.

That’s my take on the product, having used it for about 7 months (between 3-5 days a week)- hmm, I suppose one bonus is that it’s lasted this long, since I only need to use, just over, a pea sized amount each time.

Pros: Lightly scented (not distracting), lasted for a long time, provides good coverage, moisturised, has SPF 30, didn’t cause a breakout on my sensitive skin, and has probably reduced breakouts on the skin.

Cons: Comes in only a (quite) white skin tone colour, takes ages to blend in, didn’t provide whitening (as advertised), felt heavy after a day’s wear, over moisturised so the T-Zone appeared Oily after a day’s wear and not available in the UK so you have to pay hefty postage prices to buy from stores overseas.

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