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Posted on May 26, 2010


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Clinique All About Eyes

Product Name: All About Eyes

Brand: Clinique(

Size: 15ml

Price: £22 (

A highly (online) rated eye cream; which promises to diminish dark circles, fine lines and puffiness whilst having the staying power to act as a good base for eye make up and not slip away from the eye area.

Company Info

Estee Lauder’s well established  sub brand, “Clinique,” has it’s headquarters and is manufactured from their New York base.

Various notable philosophies that Clinique envision for their products include the fact that they are highly allergy tested (with an equivalence of 12 times tested on 600 people) and 100% fragrance free. Another notable fact about the company, and for this product I’m reviewing, is that all eye creams will have been tested by optometrists- so I’m assuming they give the green light  in terms of the creams not damaging your eyes 😉

Product info

Clinique say that this eye cream will help with 3 things- dark circles, lines and puffiness. All about eyes, is also said to fulfil its description in being a ‘cream’ so it won’t slip and slide off the eye area once you’ve applied it. Furthermore, because of it’s (slightly thicker than average) texture, it is said to make a good base for eye make up as it will fill in and smooth out any problems.

My take on the product

8/10 stars

This is my first proper purchase of an eye cream- proper, in the sense, of buying a full-sized eye cream rather than squeezing out and using every last drop  from a free sample!

As with most beauty/skin care products, I bought this cream after much research and reading from online reviews; the top choices were either this or Origins “Ginzing” eye cream- the choice was made for me when  House of Fraser had a free delivery offer and they didn’t stock the Origins eye cream!

For a 1st eye cream purchase, I am highly impressed! To give you a bit of info about my personal eye situation after years of studying, staying up late and general none existant skin care routine, my eyes were beginning to look baggy and rather dark. I had read that eye bags were burst blood vessels beneath the skin’s surface etc but what worried me was when my brother (who has developed serious eye bags over time) said that eye bags were untreatable! I thought, damn, I better try treating them now whilst I’m still in my 20’s rather than giving up all together and not trying when I reach my 30’s!

Onto the great, fab, noteworthy points of this eye cream! I have been using this product for 2 months and have noticed that my eye bags have reduced in size (they no longer touch my cheeks), puffiness and their darkness… somewhat. On days that I forget to use the cream and eye baggage pops up,  I just apply the cream and all in the world seems alright again.  Also, like the company says, the texture is better than your average; because it’s slightly thicker, once you apply it to a specific spot, it will stay there and not drift off. As for it being a good make up base? I’m not sure, as I don’t really apply eye make up beneath my eyes (is that even proper make up application?)! But it might be, as the texture once applied, does feel make the skin area feel smoother.

Also, why are all eye creams SO tiny? it’s the size of a lip balm pot! But, after 2 months use, twice a day,  having accidently dropped some of the contents down the sink and the incident whereby my nephew thought it’d make great paint (?!) I’ve still got less then a third left. So not so bad.

Now, if the product is so fab, why did I not give it the full 10 stars mark? Firstly the price tag of £22 is on par with other eye creams, but if it wasn’t for the free delivery offer, then purchasing the cream might have been close of £25! and that’s a big ouch for such a small product- I still can’t my head around the size to price ratio on this thing.

Also, the product’s texture is a bit of a drawback because it takes a while before it sinks into your skin so you are left looking a bit shiny *bling bling* around the eye area for a while, which might be inconvenient if you’re going out and don’t want to look weird.

Finally, although the product has helped me in the ways I’ve said, it seems that it’s effectiveness has  a shelf life because it has helped to reduce the problems I’ve got with my eyes but it won’t go the whole hog and remove these problems completely. So the key word here is that it helps “Reduce” rather than “treat.”

I think I may just try that Origins eye cream next time, to see how that fairs with this.

Pros: None irritating to my sensitive skin, reduced the appearance of puffiness/ dark circles, thicker texture means less needed to use and the product will stay in place where applied.

Cons: Pricey, product takes a while to sink in and the product only works up to a point then seems to hold back problems rather than treat them completely.

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