Skin Food Papaya yoghurt mask -wash off

Posted on June 9, 2010


Product name: Papaya Yoghurt Mask- Wash off

Brand: Skin Food (

English website (

Size: 100 ml

Price: Approximately £5.30/ $7.80 ( or

£10.40/ $15 (

A Korean beauty regime consists of 5 steps (I’ll write more about that on another blog post), this, the facemask, is step 3 of that routine. Korea, seems to be coming the epicentre of beauty for the Far East, amongst the many brands and products on offer, I’ll be trying the Papaya Yoghurt Mask by (well known high street brand) Skin Food.

Company Info

Established in 1957, Skin Food is a company who’s branding and products, are as widely recognised in their Korean homeland, as you would expect to see a Boots or Superdrug down your local UK high street. Unsurprising, the company have now expanded to 12 other countries outside of their own.

The company produces make up, skincare, body and even hair care products- the emphasis on all these products is that they will all have some sort of natural ingredient in them for example Papaya, Aloe Vera, and other extracts.

Even the brand’s logo, of a guardian angel, is testament of the ethos behind the company; it represents the brands promise to maintain the purity of their products and to guard one’s skin to work towards a future, healthier one.

Product Info

Skin Food offer a, seemingly, endless plethora of face masks, each with different natural ingredients and each offering to treat various things; this papaya, yoghurt face mask is said to help (gently) remove dead skin, whilst promoting a more moisturised and ‘enhanced’ skin tone.

To use the product, you apply it by massaging in to just cleansed, dry skin and leave for 10-15 minutes before rinsing away with warm water.

My Take on the product

9/10 Stars

I’ve got 2 face masks from Skin Food, the first one I bought was their Aloe Vera one, but after using it twice I felt as if it was smarting on my skin a bit, which was a big disappointment as I’ve grown to love Aloe Vera based products. With this (Papaya Yoghurt) facemask, I bought it, as I simply needed one last product to bring the balance of my shopping basket up and qualify for free delivery! But in the back of my mind, I was thinking about my mum often going on about the beneficial qualities of Papaya, so I thought “why not?”

Firstly, about the smarting/stinging side of things –something which was a let down with the other Aloe Vera mask- this papaya mask has suited my sensitive skin well and I’ve experienced no adverse reactions to using it!

In the UK, I think, that when we think of face masks we have two ideas; the all in one sheet you stick on your face or the creamy-upon-application, leave to dry then peel type face mask. Which is why, this facemask was a bit of a question mark to me at first. I suppose it’s called a “Yoghurt” mask for two reasons, it’s cute yoghurt type pot and it’s texture. It differs to the face masks I’ve used in the past because it’s texture stays the same throughout the application process; when you massage it into the skin the yoghurt-y texture gets slightly thinner and creamy like, but then it doesn’t dry out for you to ‘peel’ and at first, you’ll wonder if it really does anything in such a short period of time- especially as whatever it does, doesn’t seem visible. But I’ve come to realise that it’s a powerful facemask.

From the first time I used it, upon rinsing off, I wondered to myself “is it me or does my skin seem whiter, luminous and not dry?” After using the product for over a month, averaging twice a week, I’ve found that this thought is actually a fact- my skin has appeared white, luminous, fresher and healthier after every use, without even a hint of dryness.

Also, I should point out that the mask does have tiny beads in it- immediately noticeable (as you can see from the pictures) because of their darker, greener colour. These beads don’t irritate my skin because they aren’t harsh to use- in the past, exfoliating type beads have caused outbreaks on my skin because their textures are usually salt like or get caught in my pores and cause irritations from the inside out.

Finally, another bonus with the product is that it’s smell is nice to the nose; so it won’t distract you as you go about your day as you’re wearing it! It’s hard to describe, but there is definitely a light, fresh Papaya (obviously) smell to it.

To wrap things up, I haven’t given this product top marks for a few small reasons; face masks- this one works well, but the effects of this mask will last for a day then your skin is back to it’s same old- is that because face masks (in general) bring only a temporary solution? And finally, I’ve used this product for just over a month, not a long enough period of time, in my opinion, to give it top marks- yet- but I might reassess things are a few months.

Pros: None irritant to my sensitive skin, leaves skin looking healthier without drying it out, pleasant smell, convenient/quick to use and pocket friendly price.

Cons: Effects are temporary and the product is only purchasable from overseas if you live in the UK.