Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions

Posted on July 5, 2010


Clinique Anti Blemish Solution

Product name: Anti-Blemish Solutions

Brand: Clinique (

Size: Cleansing foam: 50ml

Clarifying lotion (toner) 100ml

Clearing moisturizer 30 ml

Price: £30 ( ex. delivery

Or recommended by Cookie inc. delivery)

Advertised as the “perfect introduction to the benefits of using the complete system,” Clinique says that their “Anti-Blemish Solutions” will effectively help treat blemishes. After a month’s use- how would this skincare routine fair on me?

Product info

The Cleansing Foam, claims to help unplog pores by cleansing away dirt and excess oil, which consequently helps to prevent future blemishes.

Similarly the Clarifying Lotion (or toner as we might like to call it) is said to have a gentle, exfoliating formula that will help clear dead surface cells, unclog pores and also reduce excess oil.

In the final step of this skincare routine, the Clearing Moisturizer, is said to have oil free ingredients and that the overall product will create an invisible, breathable barrier against ‘blemish –causing agents.’

My take on the product

Firstly, just to give you a little bit of info about my overall skin in relation to acne and blemishes- hopefully this info will help with you’re decision making (if you’re considering buying this skincare pack) because you might read and think “Oh, Cookie has the same skin problem as me, so the products might effect me in the same way it has her” or vice-versa if you’re skin is the complete opposite to mine!

I was lucky to have perfect skin during my teens, hardly any breakouts and a smooth, even skin tone, but since reaching my 20’s I’ve got acne! My skin has become uneven in tone, and I’ve found that my acne is related to 2 things- stress and dust allergies. My spots aren’t your typical, red, angry, large type, instead, they tend to look slightly red, and upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that beneath the skin’s surface everything is really bumpy (eww TMI maybe?) Furthermore, I don’t get mass breakouts of spots; I will tend to get breakouts of one giant spot at a time, which feels really painful beneath the skin’s surface for a day or two before appearing yellowish/white.

To get a better idea of why I’ve given this pack a middle of the road rating, and so, that this doesn’t become an epic blog post, you should read my review for each of the individual products within this skincare routine here. You’ll find that I’ve given each of the products individual ratings, their pros and cons and you will also be able to understand how this affected the overall rating as a whole. So please read on 😉

Overall Product Rating: 5/10 stars

The thing that sets this product apart from it’s competitors is the convenience of it’s packaging- you get a month’s worth of products (enough to get a good feel of whether they’re right for you) without the drawback of having to fork out a load of money as you would for their full sized counterparts. For this one reason, I am glad to have tried this skincare routine, because for a fraction of the price I’ve managed to discover that the products didn’t work for me and haven’t been left with loads of the product to go to waste, untouched on my shelf!

I think my review, will be one of the rarer ones, compared to the reviews you may read from Clinique’s official website because I haven’t found this whole skin care routing as beneficial as other user have.

However, I digress, and would like to point out the few positive things I found with this pack of products; the first, obvious point is what I’ve stated before- the convenience of having a sizeable enough sample of each product, which ensures that you can try these products out without having to spend too much money or having too much of the product left to waste. Secondly, with the Cleansing Foam and Moisturizer I found that the scents of the products were very light and that both these products didn’t create any allergic reactions to my skin. Furthermore, whilst I didn’t like Clarifying lotion as a whole, I did like the fact that the little talcum like particles helped with excess oil.

With the few good points, come the many obvious bad points with the products, which really brings my rating down.

The Cleansing Foam left my skin feeling dry and tight after use. It also failed in the simplest task that it promises to do- cleanse. When I went onto stage 2 of the skincare routine (toning) I found that the light foundation which I had used for the day came off onto the cotton wool pad- therefore indicating that the Cleansing Foam had failed to remove it when I had cleansed! If it didn’t manage to remove this, then how could if work (as advertised) deep down into my pores?

The Clarifying Lotion (Toner) gave me the most problems firstly because of it’s overpowering, alkaline/metallic smell and secondly because of it’s harsh, allergy inducing effects on my skin. Whilst it did visibly (looking at the cotton pad) remove dead skin, the trade off meant that the lotion sometimes stung when I used it. Also the screw top design of the bottle was problematic, because sometimes too much product would spill out onto the cotton pad.

With the Clearing Moisturizer, it may have felt lightweight but this was due to the fact that it didn’t provide enough moisture for the day and would evaporate after only a few minutes of application. Another niggly factor with this Moisturizer is the fact that it lacks SPF protection- something, every good moisturizer should have!

Overall, my middle of the road rating for this skincare routine comes down to the fact that all these products, when used in combination, didn’t help combat my acne- in fact I still had the usual breakouts and, even worse, a bad episode because of this skincare routine; I would say to all my readers that, if you use this skincare routine, don’t even touch another product or use another beauty product on top of this because you may find that it will create a bad allergic reaction! I would usually use face masks 2 times a week (at the most) prior to using this skincare routine, but I stopped, in order to give the products a fair assessment, but after 2 weeks of groggy feeling skin, I decided to use my usual face mask after using the Cleansing Foam- as a result, after using the Clarifying Lotion and Moisturizer, my skin became red, itchy and generally awful!

The reason why I can’t really decide if I can totally give this a thumbs down is because the products had one, weird, unexpected, redeeming factor; they have managed to even out my overall skin tone, more noticeably around my mouth and chin area, which used to be a bit more yellowish than the rest of my face. Thus making my skin tone look a bit healthier, but not less spotty haha!

Finally, after years of wondering about how to ‘cure’ my acne, I’m beginning to question whether it can be treated or not, because of the simple fact that the factors which cause my acne (stress and dust allergies) will always be around me. And with my dust allergies (I hope you’ll understand what I mean) dust particles are, obviously, always around and because they are tiny particles they will easily get into my pores but might not be easily removed. Thus creating the, beneath-the-skin, type of acne I have! So maybe, no product can reach deep down enough into my pores to eliminate acne?

Pros: Cleansing Foam and Clearing Moisturizer were lightly scented, none irritating, The Clarifying Lotion kept excess oil at bay, the flip top lid design of the Moisturizer, price and the fact that you get good sample sizes to give the products a real trial.

Cons: Disn’t treat my acne, caused an allergic reaction after using a face mask,  The Cleansing Foam was too liquidy, didn’t cleanse propery, The Clarifying Lotion had a metallic smell, which also stung when used, the Moisturizer left my skin looking greasy, whilst providing little to no moisture.