Evening Primrose Oil?

Posted on July 19, 2010


Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got a, weaker than average immune system – catching colds like it’s in fashion and generally being poorly throughout winter- but one thing I hate to do the most, is take medicine; call me crazy or maybe even lazy, but Western medicines are packed with more ‘toxins’ compared to Chinese herbal medicine which I think do more harm to you in the long term, so I tend to keep my intake of them to the minimum but because Chinese medicines tends to taste… well, medicine-y and very herbl-y  (these words exist right?) I only take them as a last resort. However, I’ve begun to slowly change and come round, slightly, by taking supplements- well, a supplement- of Evening Primrose Oil which also has Cod Liver Oil in it; why the turn around? Well I’m a fool for ‘celebrity’ endorsements (sometimes), or endorsements from ‘beautiful’ people who say certain products work well for them, and after watching an Eng-Subbed (of course) Korean TV programme, a beautiful singer, in her 30’s (who looked about 16 LOL) said that one supplement she must take is Primrose Oil! 3 days later, I’m trying to make the most my free ride to a giant Asda half an hour away from me, by filling up a trolley full of goods, and lucky for me there was a 2 for £4 offer on supplements so I put theory into practice there and then by gettin’ me some Primrose Oil dammit!

Asda's Evening Primrose and Cod Liver Oil Supplement

Rather foolishly it’s only now, 2 weeks after that fateful shopping trip, that I’ve sat down and googled “Benefits of taking Primrose Oil” and by golly gosh, I am loving what I’m reading, because apparently Evening Primrose Oil “has been called the most sensational preventive discovery since vitamin C.” It has many preventative/ treat-mental qualities to it- for pain relief, PMS pain, Acne, Headaches, the list is endlist! You can about what it treats HERE. Also, off the top of my head, the great things about Cod Liver Oil (which is also included in this supplement) include the fact that it’ll help promote healthy skin and bones!

So, for my dear readers, I’ve taken on another experiment by taking Evening Primrose Oil; there are 60 tablets in a bottle, I have to take one-a-day, and it all seems abit too much effort for my lazy, medicine hating ways, but I will persevere to give you a final report of any differences I find from using it! If it’s as good as I read then it’ll mean big things in my life, because recently I’ve slowly come round to the idea that the acne-free skin I long for is probably not reachable, but smoother, healthier skin might be, so if I can cut back on my daily beauty routine and replace it with one daily pill then that’s a club I’m willing to sign up to for life!

So watch this space readers for an update on this one 😉