Korean Lines

Posted on July 19, 2010


In ‘celebration’ of my impending holiday to Seoul in late August, I thought I’d write a few “Korean Beauty centric” posts and create a mini series I like to call my “Korean Ideas of Beauty” thread. My first post for this series will explore Korean Body/Face “Lines”- words which I’ve found are purely unique to Korean culture (I love Korean-isms!).

Korean Body Lines- all the V,S, X’s in the world!

One thing  you’ll quickly learn, if you watch or read the latest news about your favorite Korean celebrities, is that media outlets or netizens might refer to their celeb’s bodies by saying “wah she’s got a S-Line body! Daebak!” At first these body/face ‘lines,’ shocked me because I thought they weresexual innuendos, but in truth, these ‘lines’ are similar to our Western terms used to describe a person’s body shape e.g Pear, Apple, Column shape etc.

S and X Line. (Don’t read that wrong, it’s not rude!)

Korean Advert For an "S-Line" body

This refers to a woman’s body who, when viewed from the side, holds the distinct S shape i.e an ‘ample’ (in other words large) Bust and Hip but slim waist- I’d compare it to our version of  an Hourglass figure. An X-Line body shape is very similar to an S-Line body, except (from what I’ve read online) that a person with a X-Line figure will have long arms and legs along with their hourglass figure.


This is probably one of the more unique Korean body lines I’ve come across as it simply refers to a persons exposed lower back! Or should I say SexyBack?


A slightly more sexual description of a woman’s body- this refers to a women’s cleavage, so I suppose a more media created term for simply saying “cleavage.”


Kahi's V-Line Face

Korean V-Line Tool

Korean V-Line Tool

Reese Witherspoon

I’ve found “V-Line” used to describe two things- firstly, the more obvious, description for cleavage and the other (surprisingly) to describe a person’s face; so a person with a slim face and a sharp chin- I think it could be compared to the Western term for having a Diamond shaped face.


Yoona SNSD's Egg Line Face

SNSD's Yoona

Seohyun SNSD

Seohyun SNSD

Jessica Alba

This is probably one of my favorite ways to describe a face shape simply because of  it’s funny name; in Western Culture, an Egg Shaped face can be compared to having an Oval shaped face where the facial proportions are even and the face softly rounded. The Egg/Oval shaped face is  slowly becoming more popular and desired in K-Culture-  maybe because girls are aspiring to look like Yoona from SNSD (Girls’ Generation)?

M-Line or Chocolate Abs

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi              Choi Siwon                   Rain/Bi

Descriptions purely for men, as the M-Line describes a man’s masculine body shape (I’m assuming strong shoulders, slim waist?) and the Chocolate Abs, are pretty much self explanatory, as it describes a man’s visible six pack, which might resemble a bar of chocolate. Funnily enough, in my personal opinion, whilst male Korean celebrities are expected to have steel like abs, I find such men rather scary! Lightly ab-ed would do me fine, thank you.


And for one last, funny, line description the D Line body shape isn’t anything sexy and probably not one you really want to take on, unless the time is right, as it refers to a pregnant woman’s body when look upon sideways! Or I would think maybe even a pot-bellied person? Haha, Korean Media, you kill me 🙂

To read more about these body/face, shapes, lines (whatever you want to call it) I recommend you check out these blogs:

www.asianplasticsurgeryguide.com – a daunting titled website, but if you click on the link, you’ll find a page where they’ve described over 19 Korean body/face lines!

www.thegrandnarrative.com – a more serious (compared to K-Pop crazed type) blog written from the unique perspective of a Male, White, Western who lives in Korea and who is married to a Korean lady. I love this blog because the writer’s background and current living arrangements, provide a unique, dual perspective on Korean culture.

www.chocolateabs.wordpress.com –  I just found this blog, whilst googling for this blog entry; for all you K-Pop and Chocolate Ab’s loving readers out there, this website combines your two loves into one sexy/funny, blog!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my 1st entry in my “Korean Ideas of Beauty” series- please anticipate more related entries, in the run up to my hol to Seoul 😉