sale for under £20?

Posted on July 23, 2010


One of my favourite, Asian based and Asian centric, fashion and beauty websites has to be  they offer, someone like me, a tempting, visual feast of delights! And the only thing that can top this site, is when they have a sale going on- and for you lucky readers, they’ve got one right now until August the 2nd 2010, where you can get up to 80% off RRP’s!

Unfortunately for me, I’m on a self-imposed clothing/accessories shopping ban, as I figured I should really splurge when I hit the mecca of Asian clothing- Seoul! However, cos I can’t help but look through a sale rack, I’ve put together a few looks using some sale items that caught my eye from Yesstyle’s current sale and ones that I’m really aching to buy.  Also, being the price and time conscious person I am, all the items featured are available for shipping right now (so you’ll get it within a week or so) and are all £20 or under!

Please click on the images to enlarge, and item names to go directly to the item’s page for purchase- also note that the prices may vary depending on the day’s exchange rates 😉

Tokyo Fashion A-Line Lace Skirt £13.07, Catworld Hat £10.59, Puffy Studded Jacket £15.68, Kvoll Green Shoes £17.64, Truffles Amazonite Necklace £17.64, Pinkdiamond Puff Lace top £12.94

Zoo dotted playsuit £16.47, Truffles Necklace £17.64, Sweet & Co Ballet Ring £12.81, Holly Shoes Heels £19.61, Sky Blue Tassel Bag £18.30, Tokyo Fashion Bead necklace £7.06

Wonderland Washed Denim Shorts £18.82, Sky Blue Convertible Bag £13.07, Truffles Navy Bracelet £17.64, 59 Seconds Sandals £16.99, Click Tank £7.84, Sylvia Hooded Denim Vest £18.39, Truffles Swarovski Earrings £17.64

Spicy Holic Slashed Tee £9.41, Truffles Earrings £10.59, Cat World Acid Wash Jeans £17.64,   Kawo Ankle Boots £18.30, SkyBlue Bag £13.07, Spicy Holic Sequin Vest £16.99

Click Sailor Top £14.70, Truffles White & Jade Earrings £12.94, E-Fashion Bangle £7.84, Yumi Ruffle Shorts £17.64, Smoothie Backpack £11.50

Click Lace Trim Dress £16.47, I’Miusa Earrings £7.84, Fashion Lady Bag £10.46 , Kvoll Bow Wedge Shoes £19.87, Joanne Kitten Half Gloves £18.82, Shy Shy Brown Belt £14.70