Hisamitsu Lifecella Essence Hyaluronic Acid Mask

Posted on July 29, 2010


Product name: Lifecella Essence Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid

Brand: Hisamitsu (

Size:5 masks, each with 20ml of “Essence”

Price: £5.20 ( ex delivery)

In the world of face masks, there are many different types- for today, I’ll be reviewing this (uniquely) Asian type of all-in-one, cloth face mask. Amongst my drawer, with approximately 6 other face masks of this same type (an all-in-one), how would this Hisamitu Lifecella Essence Hyaluronic Acid mask fair?

Company Info

When I read the words “Hisamitsu” I had a distinct feeling of familiarity, and it soon became apparent why- this is the company who produce the, ever so useful, “Salonpas” a world widely recognized medical patch that you’d use by sticking onto any aching areas of the body.

Founded in 1847, Hisamitsu thrives through the fame of their Salonpas patches and info about their other products are hard to find (on their website), but if all products are produced with the same level of effectiveness as Salonpas patches  are and truly encompass their ethos of  wanting to produce products which “involves enhanced efficacy and ease of use…ensure our stature as a company that contributes to better quality of life for people around the world,” then its a good start to this review!

Product Info

As previously mentioned, product info for any other products which Hisamitsu produce other than their medical patches is hard to come by and any info (where I purchased these mask from) could provide me, was just as elusive- being just one sentence long:

“Each sheet mask contains 20ml essence and Hyaluronic Acid, which can moisturize your skin, and restore radiant complexion.”

Even more difficult, when you’ve got the product at hand, is figuring out how to use the masks- do you wipe away the left over essence after use or massage it into your skin? etc, but thankfully provide the info; you simply apply to the face for 15 mins (or longer if you like), peel off and then wipe away any residue with a cotton wool or tissue.

My take on the product

9/10 stars

I chose to buy this particular face mask because it was much hyped about by Sasa’s customers- most of whom had given it a 5/5 star rating- and it didn’t hurt that the mask was advertised as being highly recommended on a Taiwanese TV program as well! But despite all this praise there was one thing I was worried about- the fact that the essence of the mask was a type of “Acid,” which I normally equate with allergic reactions!

Now, I’ve got about 6 different types of all-in-one Asian skin masks in my drawer and have tried most of them at one time or another, but have never felt more compelled to write a review about one until now, because this one is so good!

The first thing you’ll notice about these types of masks are their size; they seem to be made for faces of Shrek like proportions with eyes set far apart, tiny mouths and so much excess mask left around the edges that they go way beyond your hairline.  But, don’t let this put you off using these relaxing tools- especially with this particular mask; once i had cleansed my face and applied the oversized mask it felt distinctly cooling and, more importantly, it didn’t sting or cause a bad reaction- as some of the other face masks had initially done.

During the 15 minutes or so process of using this mask, the (overly essence soaked) mask soon dries with the essence slowly working it’s way into the skin and working it’s magic wonder. I sometimes leave these masks on my face for 30 minutes because of how relaxing it feels to remove the days stress along with it! Also, you can scoop out any remaining essence from inside the face mask’s bag and massage onto your neck if you want!

After I had peeled off this mask, I had a bit of essence left on my skin’s surface, but rather then let the essence go to waste by removing it with a cotton pad (as advised) I just let it dry on my skin. The results of this mask is what made it so review-worthy in my book; my skin was left looking smoother, dewy, the pores less visible and it even fulfilled what said it would- it made my skin feel moisturized (not greasy) rather then dried out!

The final test for the mask, after I had finished using it, was applying my moisturiser- why was this such a big test? Well, I’ve found that after I’ve used a mask (cream based or an all-in-one type), most of the time, there would be a slight sting once I’d put my moisturizer on and so I would have to leave a half an hour window before I dared apply any- BUT, with this face mask, (for the sake of reviewing it properly) I immediately applied moisturizer and, yay, there was no bad/allergic reaction!

Because this face mask worked so well during and after I had used it- leaving my skin looking much better and de-stressed,  a 9 out of 10 stars mark is easily justified. However, it falls short of top marks for a few reasons; I can’t buy these masks here in the UK, I have to buy them online and secondly (as with all face masks it seems) the results are only temporary- so the next day my skin doesn’t look as beautiful as it had done once I’d finished using the mask, however, this face mask does fair a bit better as my skin does feel a little bit more moisturized than usual so that’s an unexpected bonus!

Pros: Enough excess essence to massage onto neck, feels cool when used, didn’t sting or cause allergic reactions, skin left looking smoother, dewy, pores less visible, skin felt moisturized afterward, didn’t react to my moisturizer.

Cons: Hard to buy in the UK, have to purchase from overseas, effects of the mask will last a a day and a half at the most.

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