Korean Beauty Treats

Posted on August 4, 2010


For today’s entry into my “Korean Ideas of Beauty” series (click the title to read past entries), I thought I should delve into the world of Korean beauty and look at what kind of beauty treatments (strange or otherwise) I can expect to find whilst travelling around Seoul. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that, here in the UK, I’ve not really dipped my toe into the world of ‘beauty treatments’ as I’ve found them to be quite expensive, but one of the joys of travelling to the Far East, is that the reputation of good beauty treatments and cheap(er) prices, are easy to come by!

Dr Fish- let them eat…feet?

Looks scary!

One of the stranger treatments, which I read about a while ago, available in Seoul is their famous “Dr Fish” treatment; us lot in the West have slowly begun to hear rumblings about this beauty treatment (which originates from the Middle East) but for those who are unfamiliar- what is Dr Fish?

Well to plant the seed of imagery in your minds- think fish tank, tiny fishes, your feet dipped into said fish tank full of tiny fishes, leave for 20 minutes whilst they chew away at the dead skin on your feet (argh!) then remove feet from tank, to reveal softer, smoother skin-apparently. A place which offers “Dr Fish” treatments in Seoul, and one which seems to be reviewed about and recommended on the Net, is a cafe in the Gangnam area of Seoul called “Namu Gunul,” you can read a good review about the cafe and this treatment they offer HERE. I love the fact that you can buy a cuppa, sit down, have your feet chewed at, and enjoy complimentary bread- one of my MUST do’s for Seoul 🙂

Silloam Sauna

If you watch Korean Dramas or Korean Variety programs, one setting where you might find your Protagonist or favourite t.v personality, is at a sauna or jjimjilbang (찜질방) and always with this strangely cute looking “sheep” towel over their heads (learn how to fold one HERE):

Korean “Sheep” Head Towel

Apparently the secret to good Korean skin is partly due to the popularity of heading over to a sauna to enjoy some of the different types of (oven kiln looking) heated rooms, massages, herbal pools as well as boiled egg (for food) and Shikye or Korean rice drink on offer.  And even though I’ll be heading over during the heat of Summer, Seoulites actually like to take on the thought of fighting heat with heat; in theory, on a HOT summers day by going to a sauna and sweating out all your toxins you’ll feel reinvigorated and, because you’ve been exposed to higher heat levels within the sauna (compared to outdoor temperatures) you’ll be able to cope with the heat better.

One of the reasons why I pick “Silloam Sauna,” (click on title to visit their official website) as a place I’ve got to visit, is because it comes highly recommended on Tripadvisor and they have entertainment rooms including a Noraebang (Karoke Room)! Hehe, so I can rock out whilst I’m wearing my assigned sauna uniform/outfit- after I’ve sweated bullets in the various different heat hubs in the sauna! Hopefully after such a fly day, I’ll come out feeling 10lbs lighter and with healthier looking skin ^^


Everyone knows what a spa is- there are spas in every metropolitan city in the world, but why do I want to check out a Spa in Seoul? Well I thought it’d be cheaper (some are some aren’t) and I like the idea of having beauty treatments with an Asian, herbal twist to them. With my sensitive skin, I’m hoping that going to a herbal based spa will mean no outbreaks and I can just relax and enjoy! I haven’t yet, thoroughly, looked into Spas in Seoul but through the Official Korean Tourism website HERE, they have a small guide to Seoul Spas-with the last 2 spas on the page catching my eye; with the “Amore Spa” I like that they use Green Tea from Korea’s Jeju Island and “Hannule Spa” sounds great because it seems to be based on Chinese medicine, where they equate blood flow and one’s ‘internal balance’ on any skin problems you may have!

Red Club Spa

HERE On another page of the Korea Tourism website, they actually have an article which focuses on the cheaper (but still fab) treatments on offer (my kinda thing!); I’m keen to try out the bargainous massage and facial cleansing at the “Red Club” spa! Sounds Fab!
I hope this has whet your appetite as to what I’m planning to do in Seoul on the ‘beauty’ side of things and if I manage to hit up all these places then I’ll definitely give you an in-depth review of all this in a later blog post so stay tuned!
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