Maroon 5 live at Scala in London

Posted on September 10, 2010


Now a slight breakaway from the usual contents of my blog- but still following my ethos of writing about things I love- this post is made for all you “Maroon 5” lovers out there!

Yesterday (9th September 2010), in the midst of doing my work I received a screaming phone call from my sister who announced that she had won tickets to see Maroon 5 live, as part of their appearance on BBC radio 2’s Jo Whiley show- the only problem was that it was for that night, and I didn’t know if I could make it out of work on time to attend! Luckily the god’s of fate did their work, so my sis couldn’t find anyone except me to go with her (sounds slightly evil to say that) and I could leave work early! Muhahah (evil laugh)

Now, I used to be a real keen concert goer, having seen Maroon 5 live twice in the past during my ‘youth,’ and other bands, singers, artists etc, but I slowly stopped these past few years because my aging legs and back meant I could no longer take the LONG queuing times you have to go through just to get a good standing spot (I now favour sitting down LOL). But hey man, I’m not gonna let go of free tickets!

Let the queuing begin

Doors would open at 5.30p.m the print out said (they didn’t open till after 6 grr), so we claimed our spot in the (surprisingly short) queue at around 4.30p.m;聽 the London “Scala” venue is really easy to find as it’s a short walk away from King’s Cross Station, and with a capacity of just over 1,000 people, I was positive we didn’t have to queue for long to get a good spot inside.

However, my whole world crumbled when we queued from 4.30p.m til 6p.m outside the venue, and then had to wait until 9p.m. inside the venue until the guys performed. Argh- nightmare backache came back with a biting vengence and I swore there and then never to go through such pain in my life! Although, if a certain male artist I like ever performs here I might work things out 馃槈

Maroon 5

Enough of all the pre-story, lemme just get straight to the good stuff and tell you about the actual gig and the guy’s awesome (if not short, 1 hour ) performance!

I am sorry for not remembering the set list properly because I’ve been out of the whole “Maroon 5” loop for a little while now- but I DO know they started with their latest single “Misery,” hearing this live made the song really stick in my mind and I slowly reverted back to my 17 year old self (when they captured my heart with “Songs about Jane”) and was soon bopping along.

Hmm, a weird thing for you ladies here, I’ve found that watching a band perform when you no longer really fancy or feel like you ‘love’ the male frontman, makes the whole viewing experience much better LOL. Yes I can appreciate the rock and roll beauty of Mr Adam Levine, but I am glad to say that this beauty no longer distracts me and I can now look him dead in the eye without feeling shy/like I’m going to faint etc and just really get into the music! My, I am officially no longer 17 or a teenager!

Despite me no longer putting Adam Levine on a God like pedestal, I did take a lot of Levine-centric photos of him- which I’m including on this post for your viewing pleasure! Please, credit them to me if you nick them- although if you nick them, I doubt you’ll have the decency to credit them? But, I believe in karma soI hope the karmic gods will at least scare you into doing the right thing haha.

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Noteable Maroon 5 moments

  • 路 Out of the times that I’ve seen Maroon 5 live, this was undeniably the only time I’ve been so close to the front stage (4 rows away baby!), and being in such a tame environment with no fangirls wanting to gouge my eyes out or bitch-slap me to the ground.
  • 路 For the song before “She will be loved” Mr Levine, kept pondering whether he needed a stool to sit on yet- I went into South Park, Beevis & Butthead mode and couldn’t stop giggling when I heard the word “Stool” (ok so I haven’t grown up much then!) and particularly when he told an audience member to watch the stool and not let it out of their sight!
  • 路 Hmm, there were some very boisterous women in the audience with so many requests for Adam to “Get your kit off” a British phrase which we had to re-phrase to the US born lead singer, with another lady shouting “Get naked!” other cat calls included “Take your shirt off” and even a lone male voice shouting to get his attention. Adam’s responses were “Take my shirt off? Well… no,” and something about it’s always nice to hear a man’s voice from the audience haha.
  • 路 It seems like Adam Levine has slowly picked up an aversion to humping his mic stand in recent years- was he like this 6 years ago? I dunno, cos I was never close enough to notice…
  • 路 Maroon 5 have a temporary new addition to their band of merry men with a guy on Synths keyboard- or other Wizard of Oz type music thing… I dunno the technical term for it all 馃槈
  • 路 A, seemingly much appreciated (like all his dreams in the world had come true) Hulk underpants were thrown on stage for Mr Levine to keep- he liked them but didn’t wear them there and then… what? are some of you disappointed with that?
  • 路 Adam did a really cute, girlish point, giggle and wave to a group of girls in the audience- seems like he hasn鈥檛 grown out of being 25 when he started either鈥. He鈥檚 31 years old now鈥 nice.
  • 路 James Valentine now has, undeniably, long hair and when he was rocking out he slowly morphed into the girl from the Grudge and I was afraid it鈥檇 all get caught up in his guitar strings- thankfully it didn鈥檛.
  • 路 When they played “She will be loved,” all the pain I went through with the queuing and waiting subsided- just playing this one song, up close, in a small venue, with a chilled out crowd made my day/night.
  • 路 And finally, loved that Maroon 5 actually came back for an encore (after much clapping and stomping of feet from the crowd), to finish things off nicely with “Sunday Morning.” Although this encore was slightly delayed cos Levine was in the loo- do they position one right by the stage for convenience?

End Notes

I told my sister outright that this is, hands down, THE best (and only) prize she’s won and I hope that all her dreams were fulfilled (they were.) And that all the crap we went through to see them years ago (bad crowds, bad far away views) were all solved in this one gig because now we were THIS close, had HD, 12MPX cameras that could capture the moments and, Oh yeah, the best part was that it was all FREE. hehe.

Much LOVE to Maroon 5- rock on for years brothers!

Rough Setlist

Based on what I filmed in sequential order- rather then my BAD memory. I’m sure you can listen to this on the BBC radio 2 webpage and get a full idea of the setlist?


If I never see your face again

Harder to Breathe

Give a little more

The Sun

What’s love got to do

She will be loved (classic!)

Wake up call


This Love (eek!)

Sunday Morning

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