Nature Republic Haul

Posted on September 14, 2010


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You can watch this haul vid over on my youtube collection of review videos HERE but I should point out that the vid is missing 2 products which I forgot to include in the haul! They are the Pearl de caviar cleanser and Brush cleanser.


Nature Republic Haul

A store that is currently being fronted/promoted by the famous Korean singer Rain/Bi,” Nature Republic”, stores seem to have an ethos that their products should be derived from nature; I cannot comment any further on the company as I’ve yet to research more deeply about their history and company info- however, I can offer you a ‘haul’ entry to products which I bought from them whilst on my trip to Seoul?

Because this is a haul review, I will only be giving you details on the size, price and my 1st impressions of the products, rather than a full in-depth review of them; this is something I’m keen to leave until I’ve used the products for a substantial amount of time- especially for the BB Cream and Cleanser!

Blusher “Shine Blossom” Tone number 2

Name: “Blusher Shine Blossom”

Tone Number: 2

Size: Unknown

Price: 6,900 Won or £3.90

First Impressions: I bought this blusher because it was highly raved about on a few websites which I checked out before I went to Seoul, but to be honest, I don’t tend to use blusher at all so I don’t know the qualities of a good blusher- however, I will note what I’ve noticed about this product on first impressions.

Of the blushers in this collection The blusher is quite light in tone (as most of them are) with more of a peachy, rather than pinkish tone to it, furthermore there are tiny speckles of glitter in the blusher, which gives a glowy rather than matt finish when you use it. Finally, I’m glad to say, I’ve had no allergic reaction to this blusher and it hasn’t left me feeling as if I have clogged up pores after a days use either!


Shine Blossom Blusher No. 2

Blemish Lab AC BB Cream SPF 20

Name: Blemish Lab AC BB Cream SPF 20

Tone Number: Only comes in 1 tone.

Size: 35 ml

Price: 9,900 won approx £5.60

First Impressions: Another product which I had hear good things about was this BB Cream by Nature Republic, and more specifically so, because it is part of their “A.C” range, designed for those with acne problems!

Info on this BB Cream, is a bit hard to come by because the instructions etc, on the box, are all in Korean, but the sales assistant at the (Myeongdong) store said that it would help if you have acne; so I’m assuming that it should have certain qualities to it, for example, to heal acne scars, or at least provide enough coverage for old, red, acne scars, whilst preventing the outbreak of further acne? I hope these assumptions are true.

My first impressions of the product is that it seems to be a bit smaller than my other BRTC Jasmine water BB Cream (which I reviewed HERE), but considering it’s price (at approx £5.60) it is a bargain, so the size to price ratio is just right. The product is similar to the other products from the A.C, range, in that it smells of tea tree oil- in fact that’s the predominant and only scent I can gather from it. Also, on first impressions, I’ve used this product for close to 2 weeks now and have had no allergic reaction to it (so far) and the coverage is pretty good. Hopefully I can review this in more detail once I’ve used it for a long enough time- so look out for links to that on my blog!


Brush Cleanser


Name: Pine Daily Brush Cleanser

Tone number: N/A

Size: 100 ml

Price: (Approx I don’t remember the price well) 4,600 Won or £2.60

First Impressions: Probably one of the more boring/tame items I bought from Nature Republic- but which should still be included in the haul, y’know since I did buy it there. But, yeah, it’s just brush cleanser; I’ve no idea how to use it (yet) but figured I should buy it since I still had some money left over and my eyeliner brush was looking a bit icky! I hadn’t even opened this product before writing this blog entry- but now that I have, it smells like some sort of thing you’d use to wash your car with- I dunno how it’s cleaning abilities are like yet…but will get back to you on that one!


No 6: Pretty Tree Auto Eyeliner

Name: Pretty Tree Auto Eyeliner

Tone number: 6 – Silverish/White

Size: Unknown

Price: (Approx I don’t remember the price well) 4,000 Won or £2.30

First Impressions: Now, I should say, that I’m no make up guru; far from it, as I didn’t really ‘get’ into make up until recently, so me ‘reviewing’ make up, in depth and with great detail is not going to happen until I ‘learn’ a few more things- BUT, I do know a bit about eyeliner, something which I’ve really like to use, so this part of the post is perfect for me.

Near the end of my holiday in Seoul, I still have some money left, and so I decided to head back (to my now favourite) store Nature Republic to make some last minute purchases and this eyeliner was one of them! I know though, it’s just silver eyeliner, what’s so special? Well, I like using silver/white eyeliner, in the corners of my eyes to open my eyes up and look how… enchanting LOL, and I like this eyeliner. I particularly like it because it’s so cheap and you even get a blending brush built into the end of it! So, you (I imagine) if you bought more eyeliners from this collection, you won’t end up having to use one brush for all the colours and getting the colours horribly mixed up- because each of them already have a handy brush built in!

You can’t really see well from the swatch which I’ve circled in the pic above, but the colour of this eyeliner is more light silver than bold white, so it gives you a nice pearlescent finish when you use it. Also, when you apply the eyeliner, it applies smoothly and doesn’t drag on your skin, so good!


Pearl de caviar cleanser


Name: Pearl De Caviar Gold Collection Silky Foam Cleanser

Tone number: N/A

Size: 150 ml

Price: 9,000 Won or approx £5.10

First Impressions: I didn’t intend to buy any products, other than the BB Cream, by Nature Republic but after buying one product after another I grew to like the brand and so wanted to get out of my buying comfort zone and just buy any product which caught my eye, without researching it beforehand- this was one of those purchases.

What caught my eye with this cleanser was the fact that it had the words “Gold Collection” and “Pearl” in it; the “Gold Collection” gave the impression of it being a pure, good quality item and the “Pearl,” was especially important because I thought the cleanser might have Pearl (Y’know like pearls from oysters)powder in it- why? Well, I’ve learnt that products with Pearl Powder built in it are usually pretty good, because during the old historic periods in China, queens used to crush up pearls and use it as face masks etc and they found them to have good skin healing properties- ideal for my acne scarred skin!

However, coming back to the UK, I tried to read up a bit more about this cleanser via the Korean Nature Republic website- but couldn’t -my Laptop is slowly dying and wouldn’t accept it! The saving grace came from the Singapore Nature Republic website HERE where I found that the cleanser doesn’t have Pearl powder in it, but caviar and gold in it which “improves skin elasticity.”

I don’t know how I can judge if this product will be good for skin elasticity, but I’ll give you my 1st impressions of it; the product has a lovely smell- I can’t quite describe it- kind of like when you draw up a rose bubble bath? It also lathers up really well and hasn’t left me with itchy skin!


Star Lucid Moisture Lipsticks

Name: Star Lucid Moisture Lipstick

Tone number: PK 116 and PK 118

Size: Unknown

Price: 5,500 won each or approx £3.10

First Impressions: Undoubtedly, hands down, one of my favourite purchases from Nature Republic, because I don’t usually use lipstick! I usually can’t find the right lipsticks for me- they tend to make me look weird, with either unhealthy skin tonage or make my teeth look yellow and they feel dry on my lips too. BUT, these lipsticks, being moisture lipsticks are perfect. When you apply them, you’re lips instantly feel cool and moisturised. Furthermore the colours in the collection are all beautiful! If I were to recommend you one thing from the Nature Republic store it’d be a lipstick from this “Star” collection. Also, the pretty packaging isn’t bad on the eye either! And all for ust £3.10! Hehe. I’ve included pictures of the colour swatches below- enjoy! Oh and one last note about the lipsticks- they smell awesome, like cocoa butter, very addictive!

Nature Republic

Overall, I LOVE Nature Republic stores and products- even though they seem to have a similar vibe to the UK body shop, I actually feel more inclined to purchase things from Nature Republic because of the pricing, the quality of products and the fact that I haven’t had any allergic reaction to them! I definitely recommend that you check out their stores if you get the chance- when I head to Singapore this month I will HAVE to hunt down the Nature Republic store- especially now that I’ve read more rave reviews about certain products there which I’ve yet to buy 😉

I will definitely do a full review of some of the products I’ve hauled soon!