Missha, Skin Food & Innisfree Haul/ Mini Review

Posted on September 23, 2010


You can read about my “Nature Republic” haul HERE and stories about my trip to Seoul HERE

Just a quick post where I’ll show you guys my hauls from Missha, Skin Food and Innisfree- I’ll also give you a ‘mini-review’ on the items with my 1st impressions when using them. Keep a lookout for future blog posts and reviews on my youtube channel HERE, where I’ll try and do more in depth reviews about some of these items in the near future!


Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Product Name: Perfect Cover BB Cream

Tone Number: 21 (Light Beige)

Size: 50ml

Price: 15,800 Won

First Impressions: One of the most talked about, raved and reviewed BB Creams available- I just had to buy this BB Cream by Missha!

Reading the box, it’s said that this BB Cream “lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.” That’s a lot of promises from such a product…

I’ve only used this BB Cream twice so far (because I’m trialing the Nature Republic AC BB Cream), so I can’t give you an in-depth review of this yet! But, 1st impressions are good; no allergic reactions, has SPF 42 (!)the BB Cream has a light scent reminiscent of baby powder, and the slightly thick consistency provides good coverage. I will definitely review this, in detail, in the future!

Missha M- Cover BB Pact

Product Name: M-Cover BB Cream Pact

Tone Number: 23 (Chic Beige)

Size: 20gm

Price:24,000 Won

First Impressions: Has SPF 50!At first I thought that this was a pact version of the “Perfect Cover” BB Cream, but because it’s called the “M-Cover” Pact, I will assume that it’s part of another range? Which might explain why I had to choose this pact in a different skin tone colour compared to the BB Cream- I had to choose the darker, number 23 version, as number 21 was way too light!

Off the box, this BB Pact is supposed to “Cover dark spots and even out skin tone;” I also read that this pact is great for countries where hot weather is predominant, because the pact (whilst it looks creamy) finishes as a powder, so it’s lighter and more suited to hotter climates.

My 1st impressions (I used it during my week in Seoul), is that the pact does finish like powder but it leaves ‘trail’ marks of where you’ve dabbed the pact on your skin so (despite the box not saying so) you have to blend the product away. Furthermore, it did leave my skin looking kind of shiny at the end of the end, so I doubt that it has any oil control in it! Will review it, in depth, in the future!

Multi Shadow Case and Eyeshadows

Product Name: Multi Shadow Case & Eye Shadows

Tone Number: N/A

Size: N/A

Price: 5,000 Won for the empty case, 4,000 for the large, single coloured eye shadows, 4,200 Won for the large two toned eyeshadow and 3,200 Won for the smaller eye shadows.

First Impressions: One of my best buys from my trip to Seoul! I love this case (which comes empty) because it looks really pretty with it’s pink cover and mirrored back.

For the price and colours of eye shadows that are available to purchase- this makes a great, cheap alternative to the expensive Bobby Brown’s, Macs et al!

Sorry that I couldn’t include a colour swatch of the colours I bought, I tried, but because they are lighter iridescent colours, they wouldn’t show up on the photos well! And sorry that I couldn’t include the tone numbers for the individual eye shadow colours- I didn’t keep the packaging (left it in Seoul) when i dispensed the shadows into the case!

I highly recommend that you buy this case and have fun filling it up with 8 colours (from a variety of approximately 30 available choices)! I’m really liking the bottom-left two, smaller, eye shadows for their lovely creamy finish 😉

Skin Food

Black Raspberry Eye Cream (Wrinkle)

Product Name: Black Raspberry Eye Cream

Tone Number: N/A

Size: 25gm

Price: 14,000 Won

First Impressions: I was given more incentive to buy this eye cream when I stepped into the store and there was an ad in front of the cream saying that it came highly recommended by Korean Elle magazine for 2009!

On the pot, the eye cream, is said to help with wrinkles- I’ve not researched more about this eye cream but I hope that it helps with eye bags at the same time! I really liked this eye cream even before I bought it because it came cutely wrapped up (pictures which I don’t have- sorry!) so that it looked like a mini French jam jar; so there was a paper cover on it which was tied around the jar with straw string…. cute!

I’ve used the cream a few times and have yet to notice any big changes to my eye area (still early days) but I really love the thickness of the cream, it doesn’t slide around everywhere, and the cooling feeling it gives when applied! Come back for a better review of this soon!

Face Mask Cloth

Product Name: Face Mask Cloth

Tone Number: N/A

Size: You get 7 cloths

Price: 1,000 won

First Impressions: A, uniquely Korean, beauty product; this face cloth caught my eye because of it’s price and because I needed it to use with a face mask powder I had bought from “The Face Shop,” which was a powder that would need to be mixed with water to use (more on that in another blog post)- these face cloths would be handy in ensuring that, that face mask mix would stay put on my face!

I’ve yet to use it, but the face clothes feel a bit thinner then the face cloths you’d get from face mask sachets with the essences inside. However for 1,000 won and 7 pieces, it’s a cheap whimsical product to try!


Green Tea Face Mist

Product Name: Green Tea Face Mist

Tone Number: N/A

Size: 50ml

Price: 5,000 won

First Impressions: Despite this product being on my “to-buy” list for Seoul, I’m pretty clueless as to how ‘good’ it is; this face mist contains Green Tea from S.Korea’s Jeju Island (deemed the Hawaii of Asia) and is said to help relieve stressed skin.

I only ended up buying this face mist because the sales girl at the front of the store, dragged me into Innisfree whilst handing me a freebie!

I’ve used the mist a few times but haven’t noticed any difference to my skin or even my own mental stress levels LOL after using it. Personally, I feel that it’s no different to spraying water onto your face? But I suppose it’s healthier then spraying tap water onto your face because it contains green tea, which can work it’s goodness into your skin? I’ve yet to notice this though!