New “K-Pop Newbie” thread

Posted on November 11, 2010


There’s not many things I can say I am fanatical about, which is a shame because I like to think that people who are passionate about things tend to be a bit more interesting to speak to, which just makes me feel a bit boring… However, these past 2 years, I have grown to love and continue to explore with wonderment one thing- Korean pop music!

So, with this ‘passion’ in mind, I’m gonna start a new thread of posts called the “K-Pop Newbie” thread which I hope shall give any of you future ‘K-Pop addict’ a newbies guide to this whole world of K-Pop!

Now I should point out that all this info and insight I pass onto you should be sworn to secrecy… Nah only joking! But, I should say that these threads will be based on my own perceptions on things as I have learnt them so, whilst you may not completely agree with what I write, I won’t be writing lies to back up some sort of warped out point of view I have! I have to point that out in case any future crazy fanatics on the matter decide to draw out knives 😉

So keep an eye out for the first post (or should I call it lesson number 1?) soon 🙂

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