Nature Republic Blemish Lab AC BB Cream Review

Posted on December 1, 2010


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Product name: Blemish Lab AC B.B Cream SPF 20

Brand:Nature Republic (which I recommend for English speaking/reading customers check out for more  information on products).

Size: 35 ml

Price: 9,900 won approx £5.60

One of the “must buy” products on my list before I embarked on my journey to Seoul; this mysterious BB Cream by Nature Republic was praised by the lucky few in Asia who were able to get hold of it and try it. But having travelled halfway round the world to get me one, would the same luck spread to me?

Company Info

It’s hard for me to give you guys as much in-depth information about “Nature Republic” as I would have liked to because this Korean brand is relatively new and, whilst they’re making waves in their home country and the lucky few Asian countries where stores have been established, us lot in the Western market will have to suffer for the lack of readily available English information about the brand’s establishment. However, through their English texted, Singapore website (which I personally recommend you check out if you’re an English speaker) I can give you a bit of info about the ethos behind their products.

Uniquely, Nature Republic’s products are all instilled with their special MD (Medicinal) Water; these different waters (of which there are 9) are all sourced from different countries and have different qualities and ‘abilities’ to them. For example, this BB Cream has MD 501 water in it- which (using their website for reference) means it has been sourced from Israel’s Jordan river, is a mixture of mineral & hot spring water, and has moisturizing and (maybe this is an English typo here, cos I don’t know how it could) ‘Sedation’ abilities. The natural ingredients in their products tie in with their ethos of creating products  “combining both state-of-the-art technology as well as natural substances of the utmost quality.”

Despite being a ‘new’ brand, Nature Republic have popularized themselves (initially) by including 2 of Korea’s biggest musical artists in their ad campaigns (Rain and JYJ) and have slowly found themselves a steadily growing legion of fans.

Product Info

The appeal of using BB Creams is that each one will always be advertised as having some special quality to it, for example the ability to help whiten skin etc. With this BB Cream by Nature Republic it’s inclusion in their “AC” range is indicative of what qualities it has; this range of products is specifically designed for those with acne or troubled skin.

However, it seems that Nature Republic’s popularity is far outrunning their ability to provide good enough information for prospective foreign customers because this product had NO English instructions or even a brief description of how it can help or can specifically be designed for  acne/troubled skin! On the Singapore website the only description given for this BB Cream is that it’s a  “Mild blemish-balm cream for sensitive and trouble skin.” So whilst I can say that it is for this skin type- I don’t quite know if it’s supposed to help prevent blemishes, heal acne scars, or just act as a gentle enough cover up for troubled skin so that it won’t cause outbreaks!

Personally for me though I expect it to at least be a good enough cover up for troubled skin that it won’t cause more skin troubles.

My take on the product.

7/10 Stars

My 3 judgements on this product has to be its smell, it’s texture and it’s colour.

Firstly, the smell; it just smells like tea tree oil (like all the products in the AC range) when you first take a whiff of it, which can be mildly disturbing if (like me) you’re not particularly fond of such a smell. However, over time, using this BB Cream for over 2 months I got used to the smell and didn’t find that it distracted me from my daily life.

The texture of the BB Cream is very reminiscent of my BRTC Jasmine BB Cream (read that review HERE); for those of you who are unfamiliar with the textures of BB Creams, to best describe the texture of this BB Cream, I would say that it’s slightly thicker/creamier then a typical liquid foundation. This slightly thick texture means it takes a while to blend the product into your skin which can be a bit of a pain if you’re in a rush to go out, but there are also a few pros to this slightly thicker texture.  Firstly, you only need a pea sized amount to cover your entire face, so the BB Cream will last for a long time (which is a bargain if you consider it’s prices vs size ratio), also the texture is ideal for acne/troubled skin because I have found that it has acted as a good enough cover up for my old, reddish, acne scars. Whilst it can’t completely conceal acne it does take away the angry red tint and tones it down. Finally, the texture of this BB Cream means that it has staying power, so it should last (at least) through half a day’s wear without sliding off your face.

One thing I hate about BB Creams are the lack of skin tone colours they come in; the maximum number of different colours tends to only be 2, and these sometimes end up being either too dark or too light. Whilst BB Creams should have the ability to colour match your skin tone (ie change to match your skin tone), they can’t successfully do this if they are too pigmented. So this BB cream by Nature Republic (I initially thought) seemed to lose out immediately because it only comes in 1 tonal colour and, out of the tube, it seemed too ashy grey.

However, the colour of this cream soon warms up as you wear it and I found that it has the best colour matching abilities out of the 3 different BB Creams I have. Best of all, it’s finish is slightly dewy so your skin looks ‘real’ and more natural when you wear it, whilst not appearing oily!

I give this BB cream a similar rating to my previously reviewed BRTC BB Cream (you can read the review for that HERE)  because, although I love it for it’s colour matching abilities, it really loses out in it’s claims to being suitable for acne/troubled skin. This BB Cream didn’t cause me any irritation when I wore it but it didn’t seem to help my acne in any way either. So it didn’t help heal old acne scars, and it didn’t seem to actively help prevent any acne that I might have coming on either. This really left me questioning, just what is it supposed to do? How and why is it targeted for troubled skin?

I have been left with a few questions with this BB Cream; I would buy it again, because I have found that it makes a less harsh alternative to using foundations because of the great coverage it gives, but I don’t think I can count on making a future purchase of it purely based on the fact that it will help my troubled skin- because I’ve found that it hasn’t made any difference in this aspect!

Pros: Has SPF 20 in it, great price (other BB Creams cost, at least £12, online), colour matches my skin tone well, didn’t irritate my skin, the texture of it means that it will last for a long time and the finish of the BB cream, when I wear it, means my skin actually looks more natural and like my skin rather than ashy grey as with other BB Creams.

Cons: Only available to purchase if you live in the few Asian countries where there is a local store, no English instructions or details on the packaging, tea tree oil may be off-putting to some and it doesn’t have any acne/troubled skin abilities, despite it being part of the “AC” range.