The 60 million won KPop Stars Part 2

Posted on December 21, 2010


(updated on 29/01/2011 to include more new info)

You can read part 1 of this post HERE; this week I’ll be continuing my introduction of the 8 highest paid (appearance fee wise) artists in KPop. Funnily enough, this second post has also upped my knowledge of Kpop music in the process of researching for it, as some of the artists in this post were a bit of a question mark to me as they might be to some of you newbies out there aswell! So hold onto your hats, and try to soak in some of the info!


Official website:

Basic must know info:

  • Members: Changmin and Yunho (former members were Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu.)
  • Official fanclub name: “Cassiopeia”
  • Debuted in 2003 during a concert held by labelmate BoA and US singer Britney Spears.
  • Were the first ever foreign boy band to have a number one single in Japan with their single “purple line.”
  • After filing a lawsuit against their record company (SM Entertainment) due to problems with their contracts the original line up of DBSK changed, with 3 members leaving to form their own band called JYJ in 2010- the new face of DBSK as a duo, recently re-entered the charts with their album “Keep your head down.”

Songs you should check out (click on song titles for YouTube links):

Yet again, this is a band who have a career spanning nearly 10 years so it’s hard to pick songs which show their nature, so I’ll just pick those which caught my eye!

Mirotic: from their album of the same title released in 2008. This song was actually censored by the Commision of Youth Protection as it was said to have a few sexual innuendos in it’s contents- either way, I particularly like the ‘screaming’ bridge and the ‘chin-holding’ swagger dance.

Keep your head down: Watching the new DBSK duo perform this song they definitely look fierce and some might even argue that the lyrics are a bit of a dig at the former members- I’ll leave that for you to judge for yourself.

My POV: DBSK are definitely the most popular group in the business; they are record breakers in having the most official fans worldwide (1.2 million!) and are said to be the most photographed celebrities in the world (approx 500 million times in magazines, album jackets etc.) In light of such achievements, it was a shock to their fans when the original group disbanded in 2009 amongst talks of a slave contract (which I’ll write more about in a later post.) A lot of fans were left feeling confused and not knowing where to stand and who to support.

For me, I recognise DBSK as being powerful seniors in the KPOP world, but on a personal note, I don’t know much about the band or their music myself- I think this is because I’ve only been on the scene these past 2 years when the group’s activities have been relatively quiet. Like a lot of people, I’m now just holding my breath, waiting to see how the new DBSK and, their former members in JYJ will evolve!


Official website:

Basic must know info:

  • Official fanclub name: “Jumping BoAs”
  • Debuted: 2000
  • Her stage name BoA stands for Beat of Angel.
  • Is only one of two artists to have 6 consecutive number 1 albums in the Japanese Oricon charts and as a result is very active in Japan.
  • In 2008 she debuted in the US with her single “Eat you up.
  • Returned to her roots and released her album “Hurricane Venus in 2010,” which marked her 10 year anniversary in the industry.

Songs you should check out (click on song titles for YouTube links):

Eat you up: her debut American single which made everyone take notice of this fierce, Asian, female singer who could dance like a pro.

Hurricane Venus: the title track from the album of the same name; this was a fitting ’10 year anniversary’ song, which marked her evolution from the 12 year old, cutesy singer who debuted in 2000 to a force to be reckoned with.

My POV: When I was looking at facts to be included in this post about BoA, I was surprised to learn that she was only a year older than me! The surprise came from the fact that she debuted from such a young age and had achieved so much; it also made me compare our lives in a weird way- debuting so young she has found fame, whilst during a similar period of time, i’ve lead my teenage years (relatively) freely and worked my way up to and out of University… I don’t know which trade off is better?

Like her labelmates DBSK, I don’t know much about BoA or her music but I remember “Eat you up” leaving a great impression on me because it was a song that some auditonees on a US talent show danced to; when I googled the track and saw this fierce, female, Asian singer dancing to the song I thought it was jaw-dropping!

Park Jin Young ( aka JYP)

Official website:

Basic must know info:

  • Debuted: 1994
  • Is now predominantly known for being the CEO of his own entertainment company JYP Entertainment; having helped establish the careers of so many successful artists including Rain, the Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM and (more recently) Miss A.
  • Is the only Asian producer to have crossed over into the US Market producing songs for Will Smith, Cassie etc.
  • Can often be heard on his artists’ songs saying “it’s JYP” etc, as a way of bringing attention to his new artists.
  • It wasn’t widely known that JYP was married until he announced he was divorcing his wife of 10 years in 2009.

Songs you should check out (click on song titles for YouTube links):

Honey: the only song I know by JYP- the retro ‘jumping’ dance and overall vibe definitely sticks in my mind.

Nobody: not a song by JYP himself, but one he produced for his artists the Wonder Girls. I like the MV (music video) for the simple fact that, what company CEO would appear in a MV having ‘toilet troubles’ – only JYP.

My POV: In a previous entry in my “K-Pop Newbie,” thread (which you can read HERE) I wrote a bit about some of the biggest record labels in the industry and JYP’s company is included. Although he started off as a solo singer, JYP definitely stands in the spotlight as being a very talented entertainment CEO; he’s made a successful transition to the US as a producer and with the Wonder Girls, and that’s not counting the fact that he’s helped establish the careers of so many talented artists under his label.

For me, JYP will always be the slightly strange looking CEO who appears hard faced (especially since he likes to motivate his artists by rarely giving them praise) but who is actually very much involved in developing his artists and is approachable when doing so.


Official website:

Basic must know info:

  • Members: Kim Hyung Jun, Heo Young Saeng, Park Jung Min, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyun Joong
  • Official fanclub name: “Triple S” the third “S” stands for “Supporter.”
  • Debuted: 2005
  • The band’s name is pronounced as “Double S, 5, oh, 1.” The “SS” stands for “Superstar Singers,” whilst the “5o1” means five members forever as one.
  • Despite debuting in 2005, the group had a quiet and inactive year for 2006 when member Heo Young Saeng was recovering from surgery to his throat.
  • Are very active and popular in Japan.

Songs you should check out (click on song titles for YouTube links)

Love like this: Released in 2009, this is a song by SS501 that I didn’t even know I knew! It’s only when I heard the chorus that I thought to myself “wow my brain has been hardwired by Kpop music, to the the point that even though I don’t know much about SS501 (ok I know nothing about them) I actually know (and like) this song!”

My POV: If you’re like me and don’t quite know who SS501, then you’ll be surprised to learn that innately you might do; the members of SS501 have popped up here and there and, whilst I may not know the group themselves, I do recognise some of their members and therefore their achievements.

Leader Kim Hyun Joong, made his mark during his part in the popular Korean drama “Boys over flowers.” Furthermore member, Kim Hyung Jun is the older brother of U-Kiss’ Kibum. Also, Jungmin, recently caught my attention when he did a ‘Ssanti (cheap/comedic)’ dance off with 2AM member Jo Kwon, on the Korean programme “Strong Heart.”

Since their contract with their record label “DSP Entertainment” expired in 2010 the members have all signed up with different entertainment companies but are said to be making a comeback in 2011- I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for that, as my SS501 knowledge seriously needs some updating!

Source:, and wikipedia


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