KPop Fan Club Names!

Posted on December 28, 2010


For this week’s addition to my “KPop Newbie” thread (you can read the other entries HERE), I thought I’d keep things short and fun, by introducing you all to the quirky side of Kpop with KPop Fan Club Names.

This is something unique to the Korean music industry and something I’ve not seen here in the UK- but it’s something I definitely should be copied because for the simple feeling of unity fans can have for supporting their artists!

Fan Club Names are simply the names given to the fans (as a whole) of different KPop artists; so here I’ll be listing the names of some KPop artists and what their (united) fans are known as…. it’s all very quirky and very clever!

(In alphabetical order, so I’m not being bias!)

2AM:  “I am” which sounds strange on it’s own, until you hear that it ties up with the fanclub name of their labelmates…

2PM: “Hottest,” since their CEO JYP considers 2pm to be the ‘hottest’ time of the day. And because 2AM and 2PM are labelmates and often referred to as “One day” it should be right that their fanclub names jointly become “I am Hottest.”

2NE1: “Blackjacks,” because in the game a blackjack is also called twenty-one.

4 minute: “4Nia” a combination of the number “4” from their band name and the word “Mania.”

B2ST: “B2UTY” obviously in reference to Disney here!

Big Bang: “V.I.P’s”  I think this one’s pretty self-explanatory. The fans are very important to the group.

CN Blue: “BOICE” a slightly weird one to say but has clever meaning because it’s taking the B from “Blue” and combining it with the word “Voice.”

DBSK: “Cassiopeia,” like the constellation of stars, of which there are 5 stars and (when the group debuted) each represented one of the 5 members.

FT Island: “Primadonna” named after their first single, and it also defines their female fans as being the “leading lady” in their lives.

Kara: “Kamilia” a combination of their name and the word “Famalia” or family.

MBLAQ: “A+”, because the groups name stands for “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality,” the A+ is like a school grade marking the ‘absolute quality’ of their fans.

Rain: “The Cloud” or “Clouds,” poetic really because without clouds you cannot have Rain.

SNSD (Girls Generation): “SONE” (pronounced as So-One) signifies the group and their fans as being, as one.

Super Junior: “E.L.F” which stands for “Ever Lasting Friends.”

Wonder Girls: “Wonderfuls,” the meanings pretty obvious right?

Source: 만능열쇠 키 ♥ from Yahoo answers
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