Skin Food Rice Mask

Posted on December 28, 2010


Skin Food Rice Mask 2

Product name: Rice Mask- Wash off

Brand: Skin Food (

English website (

Size: 100 grams

Price: 9,900 Won

Company Info

Established in 1957, Skin Food is a company who’s branding and products, are as widely recognised in their Korean homeland, as you would expect to see a Boots or Superdrug down your local UK high street. Unsurprising, the company have now expanded to 12 other countries outside of their own.

The company produces make up, skincare, body and even hair care products- the emphasis on all these products is that they will all have some sort of natural ingredient in them for example Papaya, Aloe Vera, and other extracts.

Even the brand’s logo, of a guardian angel, is testament of the ethos behind the company; it represents the brands promise to maintain the purity of their products and to guard one’s skin to work towards a future, healthier one.

Product Info

Amongst Skin Foods, seemingly endless, range of healthy, natural face masks- this rice mask is specifically advertised as being a mask with “nutritious rice extracts for soft skin texture.”

The method of  using this mask is surprisingly different to face masks I’ve used in the past because it could be compared to how you’d apply your everyday cleanser; after cleansing your face, you have to gently massage the product onto dry skin and then rinse off.  This is definitely not a ‘leave-on’ mask.

My take on the product

9/10 Stars

This is the 2nd mask from Skin Food I’ve reviewed (you can read the other review HERE)- and it seems as if these masks should now naturally fall into the exclusive ‘9 out of 10 stars’ club, because I’ve found little or no problems with either of these masks.

The first thing which made me think so highly of this Rice Mask is the simple fact that it was a gentle mask that didn’t cause any nasty side effects  on my sensitive skin. This came as a surprise to me for two reasons- firstly the fact that the texture of this mask is naturally grainy (something that hasn’t proven well on my skin in the past) and, secondly, because of the different method of application I had to use for it, usually massaging any grainy product into my skin would result in skin reddening or flaking…I experienced neither!

Texture wise, this mask is definitely a bit thicker than the papaya yoghurt mask, and that’s simply because it is made up of these rice granules. The granules themselves though, aren’t what you might initially imagine them to be-  they definitely aren’t rice grain sized;  looking straight on at the product, you can’t see any grains, instead the masks looks like a thick foam, and these grains can only be felt when you use the mask. Strangely enough, these grains soon disperse as you work the product into your skin, with the mask feeling as if it turns to water the more you massage it in.

Every time I’ve used this mask my skin has definitely felt renewed- I particularly like to use this mask after a hard day at work, as it seems to slough off the ‘heavy’ feeling I’ve gathered from work. This mask is a good (if but temporary) fixer for regaining a bit of your ‘glow’ and it does live up to it’s promise of giving a “soft(er) skin texture,” without that horrible dry feeling afterwards.  This was especially noticeable during those days when my dry, sensitive skin seemed to rear it’s head- after using this mask, those flaky edges seemed a bit less biting.

It’s hard for me to define the scent of this mask- as it’s really unnoticeable; yes it does have a scent, but it’s ever so baby soft and seems fitting, seeing as how relaxing it feels to use this mask.

If I had to chose one gripe with the product, a reason why it can’t get full top marks, is that it’s definitely not one of those products you want to overuse. User with dry skin should particularly take note! Whilst, on most occasions, this mask can work away rough skin and make it feel softer- overuse of the mask (using it more than twice a week) might (strangely) result in drier skin! On one (and only) occasion, when I was ill and my skin was feeling dryer than normal, I thought it’d be good to use this mask for the third time that week; unfortunately, this resulted in my skin feeling even more tighter after use than I had ever experienced before! So, you have be forewarned- I should’ve know better really- but face masks should really be kept to a ‘twice-a-week’ routine!

Pros: Overall, no skin irritation, doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight after use, the scent is barely noticeable, the texture is not the harsh grains I’ve come to associate ‘grainy/bead’ like products to be and at 9,900 won, the price was definitely pocket friendly, as I have a feeling that this one little pot could probably last for a year!

Cons: My one time bad reaction to using the product when my skin felt uncomfortably tight after use!

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