What was 2010 to me?

Posted on December 31, 2010


I was hoping to post this whilst we were still way in 2010 but it’s now, literally the 11th hour and I’m writing this speedily! Yes, I am at home, No I didn’t join the crazy hoards of people freezing and squashing themselves to death at Big Ben waiting to ring in 2011- I like the warmth too much!

Anyway, as half of the world are waiting to make their steady countdown to the end of 2010- I thought I’d slip in one last post and look back at some of the things (good and bad), which I’ll remember 2010 for!

1. My family- a (must be included) cliche, as they will always be 1st in this type of list regardless of what year it is and how old I am. My dear, imperfect family- the only people I’ll truly get soppy over 😉

2. The travel opportunities I had this year, some were personal trips whilst one was just a great, damn, holiday!

Seoul- the land of the morning calm; the destination I saved up to for ages to visit! I was left shocked at the amount of spicy food out there, dissapointed that fashion finds were actually harder to find then I imagined, LOVED the freebie beauty culture, and just LOVED the landscaped, jaw-dropping beauty of the place… the old palaces come to mind!

Hanoi- my motherland! Going back for the 2nd year in a row, was a bit boring, I must admit, but all can be forgiven for the sheer amount of street food I could freely consume…pho, soy ga, banh me phap (you might notice that I can’t spell the names of these foods properly, but I know what they are ;)banh xeo…the list is endless! The 1000 year celebration of Hanoi’s founding was a bit of a nonstarter and I saw way too many road accidents compared to none last year… however, Hanoi is somewhere that is always in my heart and a place I love to death.

Singapore- wow, the clinical cleanliness, I loved so much more compared to London’s messy streets. The buzz of eating out in Chinatown every night (it was all yummy) and the beautiful contrast between the constantly developing high risers and the quiet calm of the botanical gardens… one of my new fav destinations!

3. Trying to seem enthralled everytime my dad spoke to me about politics and watches (his new hobby).

4. Me maybe cooking more home dinners for my whole family- 6 dinners a week for about 8 people! Trying to think of new dishes to cook every day slowly melted my mind though ;(

5. Being my sister’s (lucky) plus one when she won free tickets to see Maroon 5 perform in London! YOWSER!!

6. All of the natural and manmade tragidies throughout the year- those stories that would just make you feel as if the world was so inhumane and you just longed to be back in the safety of home…

7. My niece and nephew; my niece is sooo clever (I’m bias) and brave- she had a tooth pulled out and didn’t blink an eye. And my nephew… who is not soo clever yet LOL, who, despite being able to speak only a few distinguishable words (he’s 2 and a half now), I sometimes think will be a very good speaker haha…

8. My freedom- Something I can’t take for granted. I have choices I can make every day; from what I can buy, what I can say, what I can do… whilst a lot of people in this world don’t have this freedom 😦

Oh drat, it’s midnight already and 2011! Jeez… my typing is slow…. I will continue nonetheless!

9. Coming 2nd in the Streaming Seoul 2009 competition… the first time I had created an animation and it wasn’t so shabby hehe

10. And finally just being able to sit here and write this out. I am thankful that I have time in my life to write this post… and that I started writing this blog and doing youtube videos in the first place! And THANK YOU if you’re reading this post and if you’ve been keeping an eye on my blog, youtube or twitter!

I better be off now.. I have 2011 to ring in after all 😉


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