Nexcare Acne Dressing Review

Posted on January 12, 2011


Product Name: Acne Dressing- Cute Shape

Brand: Nexcare

Size: Varies, available in packs of 8- 32.

Price: Varies depending on size of the pack.

Company Info:

This is a branch of healthcare products under the company “3M;” typically, Nexcare products tend to plasters, bandages etc. This particular acne dressing is produced under (and is unique to) their Hong Kong branch.

Product Info:

On the box, this acne dressing is said to help “absorb secretion and promotes healing of acne. The dressing protects acne from dirt and other contaminants.”

To use the product: Clean skin (so apply before make up), peel off a dressing from it’s backing, stick the sticky side of the dressing onto the spot and leave, waiting to peel off only when the dressing has turned white- thus indicating that the ‘secretion’ from the spot has been sucked up!

My take on the product:

10 out of 10 stars!!

The first ever product I can confidently give full marks! This acne dressing is specifically useful for those cliched, yet gross, spots that have a white pus underneath and which are just waiting to be popped! Using this dressing, you can get rid of all that icky-ness without using your fingers/nails and getting a skin infection.

I only happened to buy this product (from the Hong Kong website because I needed to add just one extra item to get free delivery- I read the reviews praising the product and was curious to see what it was all about, since we don’t have this kind of thing in the UK.

I am soo glad I bought this acne dressing because I find that it successfully gets rid of those pesky white spots overnight without causing my skin to flake or itch. It’s just a shame that this product is exclusive to the far east and so hard to buy over here in the UK- especially because I’ve only got about 6 dressings left!

The dressing themselves feel like silicon- kind of like that strange glue you often get from magazines which have free gifts stuck to the front. They are called “Cute shape” for a reason, as the dressings come in two cute shapes of a star and a heart. The colour of the dressing could be classed as ‘nude’ but it was a bit too tanned for my skin, and so I couldn’t comfortably use it during the daytime without it appearing obvious and laugh worthy- but if you suit the skin tone colour of the dressing then feel free to use it during the daytime!

Somethings I should point out to you guys about the dressing is that you should expect one thing when you use it- yes it will get rid of the pus from that spot, but it will also leave behind a hole where that pus once was, so you need to be careful and let it heal cleanly. Also, this dressing should be considered an ’emergency fixer,’ when you get one of those spots that need ‘popping’ and so it shouldn’t be considered as something  that will cure your acne!

But top marks all round!



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