Lumie Clear Light- Week 1

Posted on January 29, 2011


My Lumie Clear Light

Price: £149 including quick free delivery (which can be refunded, if after an unsuccessful 30 day trial)

Company info: Lumie ( A UK based company who’ve created many different ‘light’ type products including this “clear light” to help treat acne as well as lights to help treat SAD (seasonal affective disorder), amongst other things.

Product info: This “clear light” is a type of ‘light therapy,’ where (amongst the 40 or so mini led bulbs) red and blue wavelengths are transmitted, thus helping in “killing bacteria and also soothing inflammation.”

This method of treatment is also claimed to be very gentle and shouldn’t have any ill side effects compared to other methods of acne treatment which might dry out skin etc.

My acne problems:

In recent months my acne has evolved to be something much worse than what it once was; I used to only get the occasional ‘big’ spot during my ‘time’ of the month and, at it’s worse, I might have a few skin coloured spots on my cheeks. Recently (these past 3 months) dark, bumpy spots have been slowly appearing on both cheeks as if they were star constellation formations! My acne used to be easily pinpointed as being a result of either stress or that ‘time,’ but now, I’m not sure what the problem is.

Week 1 review:

One of the reasons why i chose to trial this clear light, is because I remembered a friend of mine who had suffered from severe acne and managed to treat it on the NHS with ‘blue light treatment.’ I’m not sure that my acne is severe enough to qualify for such treatment on the NHS and I certainly can’t afford the £150 a time private treatment some private practices offer- so when I read that the lumie clear light has these blue lights and could be trialed at a much more pocket friendly price tag of £149, I had to take the leap.

The whole set up comes in 3 parts- the hand held light unit, it’s power-pack and a stand which you can use to hold the light unit if you want to shine the light across a wider area and thus treat a bigger area.

Using the light is pretty straight forward; you can either hold it against your face (or wherever you want to treat) and have a more ‘concentrated’ treating time of 15 minutes a day or you can put the light onto it’s stand and treat a wider area for up to an hour a day.

Personally, because my acne is predominantly on my cheeks, I prefer to hold the unit against my cheeks for 15 minutes a time. I’m also keen to point out that you won’t have to be clock watching whilst you use this light since it has an automatic 15 minute timer which turns the light off after said time!

The first time I used the light I think (it could be my imagination though) I felt a little bit of tingling for a few seconds but thereafter I’ve felt nothing (no allergic reactions) whenever I use it. This is especially reassuring as I do tend to have rather sensitive skin.

Physically looking at my spots, having used the light for a week, I can’t say that I’ve noticed any dramatic improvements however I have noticed a few (very small) things. My acne, which at some point really seemed to be spreading like wildfire, has not gotten worse i.e. I’ve not had any new spots pop up anywhere on either of my cheeks; I can’t say if this is due to the light or if my body just got tired of producing more spots lol but it’s a change that should be noted.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that some spots have lost some of their dark colourings and feel a bit less bumpy than normal.  I’m really hoping that this is due to the light and is a positive sign of things to come!

I should point out that, in order to fairly trial this light and ensure that I know whether or not the changes I see are all due to the light, I will not be changing my skincare routine in anyway or take any supplements that might affect the results.

All in all, week 1- not dramatically life changing but there is a slight glimmer of hope (fingers crossed.)