Lumie Clear Light Week 2 Review

Posted on February 5, 2011


I’ve reached the halfway point of my time trialing this light and, funnily enough, I feel very half and half about it myself.

Getting straight to the point- have I seen any improvements to my skin? The honest answer is, kind of. Last week I felt that my acne (which had been getting worse prior to using the light) wasn’t getting worse after using the Lumie light and that no new spots had popped up; this week, no new spots have popped up, but the one’s that I do have, still seem to be producing sebum which presents itself in that cliched way of being a white spot! This light is said to help kill off the bacteria which produces sebum (which is essentially what spots are), but after 2 week use, if these White sebum type spots still reoccur then it seems like the light isn’t killing off these bacteria- very frustrating!

The only positive thing I can say about this light is that some spots have continued to smooth out a bit, but even that’s a barely noticeable change from last week.

Because of this, lack of improvement, I don’t know where things are going wrong; I don’t know if my acne is ‘mild enough’ for this light-it’s said to help mild cases of acne more so than severe acne- but I don’t think my acne could be classed as severe either!

The strange thing is that my skin does seem to be showing that the light is having some sort of effect on it because, after using it on my face, my cheeks slightly flush up red (as if I’m blushing)- what is going on?

Hopefully, within this next week, there will be some marked improvements in my skin’s condition and acne- if not then I’ll have to start think about contacting the Lumie customer services line and plan to send this thing back…I really hope I don’t have to!