Lumie Clear Light Week 3 Review

Posted on February 14, 2011


If you’ve been following these weekly posts (you can read the rest HERE) about my experiences with using the Lumie Clear light for acne, then I’m sorry but it’s with regret that I have to say that this will be my last post on the product because  sadly it’s not working for me, and in a few days I’ll be returning it to the company!

I had so many hopes for this light because it ticked so many boxes- it was cheap, portable, harmless and used ‘light therapy’ to reat acne, which a friend of mine had found success with, although hers was done professionally on the NHS,  not a home kit like this one is.

Because this light can be tried out as part of a 30 day trial, I’ll be able to send this light back and get a refund, losing only £20 in the process, for what they call a ‘restocking fee.’

I was hopeful when I started using the Lumie light because it seemed to be (slowly) smoothing out my acned skin, but after (over) 3 weeks use, this is the only change and slight noticeable ‘improvement’ I could find. I’m not sure why the light hasn’t worked; I don’t know if my skin is just too severe and stubborn or if the light is just too weak. It all comes as a disappointment, especially after watching so many youtube reviews with people praising it with wonderment!

After using the light for over 3 weeks my acne is still red and sadly, new spots have popped up; initially (at around the 2 week mark) I thought that no new spots were appearing and that this was because the light managed to kill off the acne creating bacteria. However, because new spots have appeared where I’ve been directly applying the light, I suspect that it’s not done it’s job in that aspect and maybe that’s why the light hasn’t worked for me!

Overall, I still recommend that anyone try this light if you can afford to pay £150, because it’s a good deal- if the product doesn’t work for you within 30 days you can claim a refund, less £20, and in my mind, that’s not a big loss compared to the amount of money I’ve spent on acne creams in the past that haven’t worked! Furthermore the light hasn’t harmed my skin in any way i.e created red rashes or allergic reactions either!

If you have any questions about the Lumie Clear light then feel free to comment and I’ll  be happy to answer them 🙂

I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes with me claiming my money back- let’s hope they keep up with their end of the bargain and give me a trouble-free refund after using this for a 30 day trial 😉