Review: Missha M. Cover BB Balm (Pact Type)

Posted on March 23, 2011


Missha M. Cover BB Balm (Pact type)

Product Name: M-Cover BB Cream Pact

Brand: Missha (

Tone Number: 23 (Chic Beige)

Size: 20gm

Price:24,000 Won/ Approx £15

A highly raved about BB cream, which netizens had said was perfect for those hotter Summer days when you don’t want to feel weighed down with make up.

Company Info

One of the most well-known Korean cosmetic brands, Missha was established in 2000 and have slowly expanded to 15 countries outside of their native South Korean base, but sadly not the UK, as I write this review in March 2011!

When you first learn about the whole world of BB Creams, Missha is probably one of the first company’s you’ll read/hear about because they aim to provide luxury products but at an affordable price, taking on the philosophy that “quality should be affordable.” Their products are said to be extensively tested to ensure that the consumer/user receives a quality product at the end of it all.

Product Info:

This BB Balm, is said to help even out skin-tone, leaving the skin feeling silky, refreshed and with the added protection of an SPF 50+.

Key ingredients include collagen, caviar and squalane and moringa oil, which help provide nutrients and moisture to the skin, to help it feel ‘comfortable.’

My take on the product:

Star rating: Impossible to give, because it’s not for me, however, I can definitely see how it could benefit others!

I bought this BB Cream during the height of summer on my trip to Seoul in 2010- I thought the hot weather would be perfect to truly test it’s compatibility for those hotter days (as online reviewers had said it was perfect for.) Since that summer until now- 6 months later- I have been using this BB cream on and off and must admit that, out of my collection of 4 BB creams, it’s not one of my ‘go-to’ BB’s!

Before I go into the ins and outs of the pros and cons of the product, I should let you know more about the product; this BB pact comes in 2 shades, I purchased number 23, which is the darker of the two and classed as “Chic Beige.” My skin tone is roughly middle in terms of not being ghostly-white like Kpop stars are and yet not tanned like some of my South-Asian counterparts might be. With the tones of this BB cream, I found that the other tone number 21, was WAY too white when applied (even for my sister who has much lighter skin than me), and that this darker tone number 23, is probably not dark enough for those of you who might be rocking a tan. And yes, I know that BB Cream’s can magically transform to blend and suit skin tones, but (like I’ve mentioned in past posts), they can’t transform that much, and so Missha may be marginalizing some of their potential consumers on this factor alone!

One thing you should know about this BB Pact/Cream/balm- whatever you want to call it- is that, it can definitely be considered a balm/cream in terms of its texture; just because it comes in a pact, you shouldn’t expect it to apply or give the same finish as your normal pressed powder compact will!

The texture is somewhat problematic if you’re in a rush, because you can’t simply buff this on (like you would loose powder), you’d have to spend a bit of time blending the BB cream in otherwise you’ll end up with unsightly, tail-tell marks of where you’ve dabbed the cream on!

Additionally, because the texture of the BB is creamy upon application, it won’t hold throughout the day and you may have to reapply it every so often- particularly under the hot sun, if you sweat a lot!

Sadly because of its texture, I found that this pact couldn’t offer me enough coverage for my acne prone skin, it actually made my acne more apparent because it tended to collect around the base of my spots like a weird dusty ring. Although, I should know better, since people have said that it gives ‘light’ coverage- so if you’re blessed with bumpy free skin and just light signs of an uneven skin tone, then the coverage might be just enough for you.

Considering how people often say it’s good for hot weather, this BB cream doesn’t seem to have any oil control in it, but this should also be expected, since it is marketed as a BB cream that leaves the skin feeling moisturized and looking fresh. Because I have combination skin, I could see the pros and cons of this ‘moisturizing’ effect in action- my drier cheeks were left with a nice dewy finish, whilst my oily t-zone just became more accentuated as the day wore on!

The reasons why I can’t completely dismiss this BB cream from my collection is because I like the finish it can give to my look; I like to apply it to my cheeks which tend to be drier, and like that it helps them retain their moisture, whilst looking healthily dewy throughout the day. Also, my skin hasn’t shown any adverse reaction to using this pact and I feel reassured when using this during the summer because of the inclusion of the high SPF protection.

For vanities sake I also like how pretty the whole pact looks and how it’s cleverly designed so that the sponge is kept separate from BB cream by a small plastic flap/compartment for it- meaning the BB cream and/or sponge won’t get damaged by any lingering moisture or germs!

After using this BB cream for so long, the end question has to be, would I buy it again? Simply put, no, because it couldn’t offer me enough coverage and couldn’t control my t-zone. However, I would recommend users with a lighter skin tone and with better (acne free) skin than me to consider trying it, because of its high SPF protection, the lovely dewy finish it can offer, the fact that the cream does delivery in terms of its luxury vs price factor and just because it’s a much less, harsh  alternative to using foundation during those summer days, when you want your skin to breathe.

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