Brand Watch: Burberry Prorsum

Posted on April 1, 2011


I don’t know how other UK bloggers feel about the matter, but it seems like Burberry have had a long standing association with yobs and hooligans here on our shores; I can’t help but recall seeing too many news reports of hooligans protesting or causing chaos on our streets whilst covering their faces with a fake Burberry check printed scarf, this definitely killed my desire for the brand.

Thankfully, the tide has changed and, whilst I still can’t bear to look at anything check printed by Burberry, I’m not shy to confess for my love for their “Prorsum,” collection- which is magnatised by the fact that I love classically cut clothes with a rockier edge, which is something that Prorsum embodies well.

Emma Watson for Burberry's Spring/Summer 2010

In recent times, Burberry have caught my eye with Emma Watson’s inclusion in their Spring/Summer 2010 campaign, when she was sporting one of their beautifully cut macs- an essential item for this transitional Winter to Spring/Summer weather we’re experiencing…it’s undeniable, that they know how to make macs, and this one from their 2011 Spring/Summer collection is no exception, particularly with the gold studs fastened down both sleeves!

Spring/Summer 2011 Mac

Other key items that have caught my eye from their online portfolio of Spring/Summer 2011 items, has to be all the leather! The temperatures may be rising, but leather always looks good- I’m especially keen on getting my hands on a leather waistcoat and copying their look below.

All that leather for 2011!

So for those of you with a lot of change in your pocket, and who are looking to steer clear of anything remotely check printed- I would say ‘check’ out Burberry’s Prorsum collection, as they seem to have reached a nice style evolution with this one 🙂