Brand Watch: G Market

Posted on April 1, 2011


If you’re reading this post then it’s either because you love fashion or because you (like me) love G Market! For those who’ve yet to discover this website, then I should give you the lowdown; some say that it’s the Korean equivilent to Ebay, in some ways it’s similar, but in other ways, it’s so much better!

On Gmarket, you’ll find that you won’t have to ‘bid’ for items as they all have set prices already, and yet similar to Ebay sellers having their own ‘Shop,’ Gmarket sellers are predominantly businesses and will present all the things they have to sell in their own ‘mini shop.’ The best things about Gmarket are that some ‘mini shops’ will offer free delivery if you live in Korea, free gifts with your purchases and you can add multiple items to your basket from one particular mini shop without having to go in and out of the different webpages of different items! This saves A LOT of time!

I shall make a seperate post explaining the whole process of making purchases on Gmarket in the future, because the language barrier for most of us non-Korean speakers will be a problem for any potential purchases, but if you know the rough steps then you’ll find that it’s all a doddle!

My biggest reason for shopping on Gmarket is that delivery of items has been quick thus far in the 2 purchases I’ve made from them (taking less than 2 weeks), it’s cheaper than shopping on (my other Asian fashion portal), and it’s just fab to be able to click and browse through SO many cool Korean clothes, accessories and even homeware items!

Enjoy my latest finds and cravings from the different Gmarket mini-shops, as I present to you some of my basic must have items for Spring/Summer that I’m yearning to buy!

(Click on item name to go to the seller’s mini shop!)

(Clockwise from the top) Cap sleeve blouse, Grey frill tee, White blouse.

Black checked dress, Cream dress.

Black faux leather jacket (Love the stud detailing and inner sleeve print, very MCM!), Blazer Jacket, Light Beige Faux leather jacket.

US print denim shorts, Beige wedge shoes, High waisted shorts

Handbags, Mobile phone case, Bracelet