Brand Watch: M Butterfly

Posted on April 7, 2011


If you’re in my part of town (London) and are keen to find a clothing/accessories store with a slightly Asian influenced stock of clothes (with a Hong Kongese vibe), then there’s a small chain of stores called “M Butterfly,” that I think are well worth your time; my personal experience is shopping at the two stores in Covent Garden (click HERE for directions) and inside the plaza on Oxford Street (click HERE for directions.)

Whilst preparing to write this post, I was really disappointed when I visited the store’s website (link above), because the clothes they advertise on there don’t reflect the cute little finds you can expect to discover in store- therefore I recommend that you visit the stores personally rather then shop on their website, as the clothes on their look cheaper and a bit sadder than those in store!

The two store locations I mentioned above, each have a different feel and layout; the Covent Garden one is much smaller but more ’boutique’ in feeling, whilst the Oxford Street store has the bonus of having a bigger range of stock, however each store is nice in their own way and one doesn’t win over the other.

Despite their website (which isn’t as evolved in it’s design as I would’ve liked), I did manage to find a few things that will give you an idea of what to expect from the stock.

*Items sold at a ‘sale’ price. Click on the images to view a bigger version.


Something M Butterfly do well- they have an endless choices of dresses!


Clockwise from top left: Stud neck purple dress £19*, Metallic lace short dress £22*, Animal print button dress £20*, Contrast button front sundress £24*, Floral strap dress £22*

Clockwise from top left: Sailor stripe top £17.95*, Pleated white skirt £15*, Pearl and rose ring £6*, Cherry print scarf £4*, Quilted bag £18

Clockwise from top left: Skull print tassel scarf £6*, Heart earrings £2*, Diamond drop necklace £6*, White rose scarf £6*, Lace mixed skirt £15.95*, Pearl and rose ring £6* (oops inc this one twice ^^), White silver flower ring £4*, Butterfly print skirt £15.95*, Ruffle front mac £35*, Stud bow front top £28* (my sister has this top, it’s beautiful!)

Safe to say, purchases don’t break the bank (especially if you shop in store with their occasional 3 for 2 or sale offers), and the items have that ‘something’ about them (probably the Asian vibe) that makes it a nice change to other high street stores.