G- Market Haul – April 2011

Posted on April 22, 2011


I thought I should write a post about my latest haul from the awesome Korean website G-Market, as I love the website SO much that I myself love to see, read and hear about other people’s hauls so I can take ‘notes’ on what to add to my basket the next time- I suppose that this post is dedicated to my fellow G-Market addicts, who also enjoy reading such things!

FYI, I’ve included some side by side pics comparing what the products look like on the website and what they look like when I’ve received them, also, if you click on the item name it should take you directly to the seller’s page where I bought the items, if the link doesn’t work then you can search for the items using their item number which is in brackets…. and of course, I have included info on the price of the items and a rough conversion of the prices into GBP! Enjoy 😉


3 Way Bag – (201649163) 9,800 won approx £7, Inner Bag -(192722563) 9,800 won approx £7, Alice in wonderland desk tidy (161091720) won approx £6.99

I LOVE the  bag because it’s SO cheap (it’s not leather) and the fact that you can use it as 3 styles because of the straps that come with it; as a backpack, as an across the body bag and as a messenger bag! The 2nd item is an inner bag-bag, which has multiple compartments, you insert this ‘inner bag’ into your handbag and it keeps everything neatly separated in the compartments, very handy! The desk tidy is REALLY cute because it has an Alice in Wonderland theme printed on it, but to be honest, although the card is quite thick, the whole thing doesn’t stick together well…oh well, at least it keeps my beauty stuff neat!


Blazer  -(183220576) 22,900 won approx £16.50, Bow waterfall sleeves top – (206706638) 24,300 won approx £17.50, Button blouse  – (205094147) 24,300 won approx £17.50 Pleated A-Line Mac (Beige) – (182115207) 49,800 won approx £35

Edited on May 2nd: Oh ho, wow, looky here; seems like actress Sung Yuri was rocking a blazer during a recent photo shoot, that looks VERY similar to the one I bought during this G-Market haul (read more HERE)…can I be a bit big headed and say i’m ahead of the fashion pack on this one? Or at least, that I have a hint of fashion knowledge in me?!

These items turned out to be a bit more pricey then I would’ve usually spent, but the quality of all the items are really well made! I love all these items, especially the mac which has a cool cape like upper part, also the mac has a nice dotty lining and is made of such a spring appropriate and light material 🙂


VOV Green Make up base – (180802584) 9,000 won approx £6.50, Castledew Diacut 9 Colour eye shadow (Planet Diamond) – (174141450) 11,700 won approx £8.45, Laneige Multi Cleanser  – (124157211) 19,00 won approx £13.70, Nail stamp kit (inc stamper, plate holder and stencil at 3.350 won each) – (119462215) 10,050 won approx £7.25

I had to buy my trusty Laneige multi cleanser (which I’ve yet to review!) and was so surprised at how much cheaper it is then other online websites… namely yesstyle.com who sell it for £24! I used the VOV green make up base today and (although I naively thought it might) it hasn’t made my skin green LOL, instead it’s made my skin look calmer and I’ve not had an allergic reaction to it either- will review it in a month’s time! I’ve always read a lot about Castledew’s eyeshadow palettes and had to get one myself- the colours aren’t as pigmented as I thought they would be, but for the price, packaging and how lovely the colours are, it was worth it. Finally, my most interesting purchase has to be the Nail art stamping kit- you should definitely click on the link to see all about how it works- sadly I can’t read Korean so have no idea how to really use it (other than by the pictorial instructions on the sellers website), but am going to attempt to use it soon… it’s simplicity could mean the end to my nightmare of attempting to decorate my nails and girly-fy myself  hehe!