BRTC Blemish Recover Balm BB Cream

Posted on May 1, 2011


Product name: Blemish Recover Balm

Brand: BRTC  (, if you live in the US, I’ve read that this website is a legitimate seller of the BRTC range.

Size: 40ml

Price: I bought this from GMarket- the RRP should have been approx $28, but looking back at my online statement, it seems like I’ve been charged $85 for it! Something’s definitely got lost in translation with this transaction! But usually, this BB cream should be around the $30 mark, depending on size and supplier.

The second BB Cream I’ve bought from BRTC, the other being their Jasmine water one (reviewed HERE).

Company Info

BRTC (Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic) is a Korean company who (what I can gather from rough reading-between-the-lines using Google translator) originally provided beauty/skin care products purely for customers who had undergone plastic surgery- a seemingly popular ‘past time’ in the Korean culture.

However, the company has evolved; now providing skin care products to us mere, untouched mortals and, having gone global, their 7-line products are now readily available in-store in 6 countries outside of Korea.

Product Info:

A BB cream specifically designed for those with acne prone/troubled skin; this BB cream is said to help control oil/ sebum production, give “prefect cover,” sooth inflamed skin  whilst keeping skin matte yet moisturised throughout the day, furthermore, it has an SPF rating of 28.

BRTC’s personal survey of 100 patients over 3 weeks, recorded results of 87% stating a reduction in acne and 62% recording smoother, less inflamed and moisturised skin.

My take on the product

For acne treatment- N/A:

It’s with great disappointment that I won’t be able to give you a true account of how this BB Cream can rate in terms of acne prevention, as I’ve recently discovered that I’ve got hormonal acne which can only, truly be treated through medication, consequently (through my experience) I’ve found that most treatments designed for acne have had NO effect on my skin thus far as a result! However, I should add that, in terms of using this BB Cream to heal acne scars, I’ve noticed only a bit of a difference in appearance on some of my old spots -they’re not as visible as before- but nothing dramatically different as their website advertises. Yet again, I’ll have to leave you to decide whether or not the healing of some of my spots is due to this BB Cream!

I was really unsure whether or not to write this review, because I felt it might be unfair to the product, as I’ve discovered my acne is due to my hormones and can’t really be ‘cured’ or helped with lotions and potions! So if you’re reading this review in the hope of discovering the answer to the vital question “Does it work for acne?” I unfortunately can’t give you an accurate answer and can only recommend that you research more on the product by reading a hellavu lot of reviews on it from different sources! However! I can give you an account on how the BB cream feels like to use etc.

Texture wise, it’s very similar to my other BRTC BB cream- it’s not at all liquidy, and is pretty thick, which takes a while to blend in, but is good because you’ll only have to use a bit of the product to get full coverage. I think that this thicker texture is specifically designed to help conceal spots/troubled skin. The coverage this BB Cream offers is only good at first, because I’ve noticed that as the day wears on, it’ll start losing it’s holding power and by the end of the day it looks like I’ve got none left on my face (my sister even noticed)! Big disappointment! Furthermore, the BB Cream takes a while to properly match my skintone; when I first apply it, it looks rather ashy, but slowly (after half an hour or so later) it begins to match and loses this ‘ashy’ tone.

Another disappointing thing with this BB cream is the fact that (despite saying it does) it didn’t seem to offer enough oil-control, in fact it made my skin look oilier(!) which is immediately noticeable when I begin to apply the BB Cream and (strangely enough) the tops of my cheeks look oily.

One thing you’ll definitely notice when you use this BB Cream is its scent; it took a while to get use to (and it becomes less noticeable the more you use it) but it definitely smells of Tea Tree oil, some people might like that but to my nose it was a bit overpowering at first.

Overall, I had so many hopes for this blemish recover balm (mainly for its acne fighting abilities etc) which I unfortunately wasn’t able to fairly test out, however, on the basis of how it was to use and wear this BB cream- I don’t think I’d purchase it again. I know that it’s constantly highly recommended by reviewers (people over at Makeup Alley HERE give it an overall 4/5 star rating), I feel that it’s a BB cream that I can’t comfortably use; whilst it initially gives good coverage for my acne scars etc the BB cream wears away too easily as the day goes on, furthermore, it didn’t help that it made my skin look oily either! The only promising thing I can say about this cream is that it didn’t cause me any further outbreaks or allergic reactions as a result of using it!

Pros: Has SPF 28, didn’t cause any allergic reactions, gives good coverage at first, the thicker texture means you only have to use a bit at a time, and I suppose it lives up to it’s ability to keep skin moisturised as it made my skin look oilier.

Cons: Doesn’t have enough holding power, doesn’t provide lasting coverage, didn’t seem to have oil control, the scent was a bit off putting and the thicker texture meant it took a while to blend away.

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