VOV Green Make Up Base

Posted on May 10, 2011


Sorry for the terrible photo!

Product name:  Green Make Up Base

Brand: VOV (www.myvov.com)

Size: 40ml

Price: 6,500 Won from GMarket.co.kr Item number: 180802584 (HERE)

Company Info

VOV are a Korean cosmetics company, who are probably best known for their Castledew eyeshadow palettes; Not much info about the company can be garnered from their website, since the English translated pages don’t have a “Company Info” section, however, in my mind they stock products that could be comparable in price and quality to high street brands like Maybelline etc.

Product Info

This particular make up base comes in 2 different colours- Green and Violet. Green make up bases are said to help with toning down any redness the skin might have, whilst a Violet make up base is said to help even out skin tone.

This make up base by VOV is designed to be “Skin-Friendly,” by helping your skin to look clean, natural and moist. It’s also designed to help keep a protective barrier between your skin and make up.

To use the make up base, you simply have to pump out as much base as you need (I find that one pump is enough to cover the entire face) and apply to where necessary.

My take on the product

I’ll be the first to admit that I could never be a make up guru; I only started wearing make up a few years ago (when I felt I needed to conceal my flaws) and even now- for the most part- I keep things very basic and amateur. However, even I know that, in order to get the best out of your make up you need a good base and with this one by VOV, I think I may have found just that.

Last month I recklessly spent over £20 on a teeny, tiny tube of primer by Mac and soon found out that I was allergic to it and wouldn’t be able to experience the benefits that other users had praised it for! After that bad reaction, I wasn’t really thinking of buying anymore primers/bases, until I had done more research on the products available… however, that soon went out the window when I was shopping on the Korean website G-Market and stumbled across this green make up base by VOV, which I was (admittedly) drawn to because of its cheap price! I couldn’t find any reviews for it, but did manage to find out on this website HERE, that a green coloured base would be good for me because that colour specifically helps take away a bit of redness from the skin- something that I had garnered from past acne scars and skin problems.

After using it for the first week, I was itching to write a review and give it praise but stopped myself because I thought it’d only be fair to wait at least a month before giving it my full assessment…well the time has cometh and I still want to give it praise!

I was initially stupid in believing that because this base is green coloured, it’d make my face green too (I am a make up rookie afterall) obviously it didn’t and in fact, it soon blends in naturally to my skin, to become a lovelier ‘second’ layer of skin on my face. What I mean by this is that it helps create a nice veil wherever I apply it, so my skin loses some of its red tone and begins to look brighter, more even somehow. In fact, I think it visibly calms my skin down.

Its texture isn’t too liquid-y so it blends away easily and it’s easy to be precise about where you want to apply it without it running down your face also, it doesn’t have that nasty silicon texture to it, which means you don’t have to wait for ages for it to settle in.

Applying my BB cream thereafter, is made slightly easier; although to be honest, BB creams tend to have a thicker texture than foundation so I don’t expect bases/primers to help make their applications that much smoother! Nonetheless, with this VOV base on, I’ve noticed that my BB cream does last for a bit longer than usual and that the BB cream doesn’t cling to the dry areas of my face as it used to when I didn’t use this base- therefore I think that the base does manage to create a barrier between the skin and make up, whilst helping to retain the skins moisture too!

The scent of the base is really nice- slightly reminiscent of a lighter version of Chanel no.5, which definitely helps make it even more attractive to apply.

The base comes in a glass bottle with a pump-action dispenser, and I’ve found that one pump is more than enough to cover the entire face, consequently this makes the product very pocket friendly even though it is already ridiculously cheap!

I can’t believe it but this is the first product I’ve reviewed that I’m gonna give full marks to- definitely 10/10 stars! The price is crazy cheap, the product hasn’t caused me a severe allergic reaction and it just helps calm down my skin before creating a nicer base for holding my BB cream in place. It’s also nice to know that it is said to help create a barrier between the skin and make up- making me feel a bit more reassured that my skin won’t be too damaged if I suddenly decide to go excessively overboard and slather on the make up!

VOV also have a violet-coloured version of this base, a colour which is said to help even out skin…I think I’ll have to try that one now too!

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