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Posted on May 11, 2011


Since my new aim for this blog is to bring a bit more ‘personality’ and personal perspective on the whole world of beauty in my brand new category “From Cookie,”- I thought that a nice way to kick things off would be for me to do a quick ‘beauty bio’ about myself, so you dear readers can learn a bit more about me and my thoughts.

Oh yeah, also… the following pictures included aren’t of me, they’re just for visuals LOL and I was lazy to take photos of myself!

General Info:

Age: 24

Height: 5ft4, I think roughly 164cm.

Weight: 51/52kg, depending on the scales I’m using.

Size: 8 for tops, 10 for bottoms and 5 for feet haha.

Skin type: Combination (oily t-zone, dry cheeks) & sensitive.

Skin routine: Cleanse with Laneige cleanser (at night I double cleanse with make up remover and then Laneige), don’t use toner cos it’s too harsh on my skin, moisturise with Olay day & night versions, and I use a face mask once or twice a week. Furthermore, I’ve just started taking Dianette for my acne.

Make up routine (Yet again, very simple/basic): VOV make up base (reviewed HERE), BB cream (HERE), silver eye liner for inner lower lash, neutral eyeshadow, curl my eyelashes, apply mascara and then a slick of lipstick before I head out the door! Oh and I always have to spritz on perfume before I head out and classic Dove deodorant too LOL

Beauty/body hang ups:

My teenage like acne which I should’ve got as a teenager, ( but didn’t) and now have!

My chubby belly which appears as folds whenever I sit down whilst wearing jeans. Simply, it’s a demonstration of my love of food, “never been on a diet, don’t fancy the gym” mindset and proves my sister’s point that the weight really begins to stick once you get past 20 years of age 😦

My hirsuteness which I will not talk more about LOL.

And finally, my naturally pear shaped body problems- whilst I may have a nice slim waist, my heavy thighs and aforementioned belly,  mean that jeans never fit me properly. Also, whilst I might be skinny by Western standards, compared to my family in the Far East, I appear a bit chunky… I’d say a bit manly too 😦

Beauty loves/highlights:

My eyes (which have much improved after getting them lasered): have a nice light brown glow to them when the sunlight hits just right and the simple fact that, people would pay good money to have double eyelids y’know (which I mentioned in a previous post HERE).

My hair: I got it from my momma. Which can literally get hot during the summer cos it’s so thick but, has a nice flow to it, is naturally very black but turns a slight brown during the summer and doesn’t need any product (outside of shampoo obviously) to keep it looking nice. Also, my eyebrows are similar to my hair too- so I can sculpt them well and never need to use eyebrow pencils!

Yeah I rocked this look for 3 years!

My teeth: I don’t like that they aren’t ‘Hollywood’ bright, but after nearly 3 years of looking like Ugly Betty’s twin (full braces and glasses combo people!) I have straight teeth which makes a nice change to my previous fangs and gore.

My skintone: I used to want a nice tan going on, but after visiting relatives in Vietnam and being influenced by Korean media, I can appreciate my whiter-than-average Asian skin.

My height: Am not a 5ft7 Amazonian beauty, but am rocking my UK (western) average height and am taller then some of my peers… Though dang it! Some of these teenage kids seem to be growing up taller than me, so this boasting about my height won’t last for much long- it also doesn’t help that I can’t walk in heels!

So there you have it, pretty much my beauty bio- I don’t think I’ve left anything out? If I have then just leave me a question in the comment box below and I’ll edit the profile to answer it!

Also, am wondering if people have similar body/beauty hang ups and loves as me? Answers in the comment box below if you want 🙂

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