Etude House Precious Mineral All day strong BB Cream

Posted on May 24, 2012



Basic Details

Product Name: Precious Mineral All day strong BB Cream

Brand: Etude House

Size:  60g


Company Info

One of Korea’s main powerhouses when it comes to beauty products, Etude house offer many great beauty items at reasonable, high-street prices; their pink, girly image, has had a recent boost as they’ve taken on 2NE1’s Dara and boygroup Shinee as their main campaign stars for 2012.

You can check out their International website HERE.

Also one of their campaign videos was filmed in my home town (LONDON baby!) recently, check it out below:

Product Info

The main selling points for this BB Cream, include the fact that it is being quoted as being “All day strong,” has an SPF of 30, and should give a ‘Sheer’ glow to the skin.

BB creams are evolving so this one comes in 3 different shades, unlike some other BB cream predecessors who only offered their products in 1 or 2 shades.

My take on the product

Living in the UK, it was a lot harder to get hold of BB creams, which was difficult for me, because I have a particular fondness for using them and trying different ones out but wasn’t keen on paying for shipping onproducts that might not suit me! However, since touching down in Korea, this battle to buy BB cream is no longer so, and is in fact SO easy, that I’ve become overwhelmed with the amount of BB creams out there! Every single beauty store will have their own version of BB creams, and at least 3 different types to try!

This BB cream was the very 1st BB cream I purchased and decided to try when I first arrived in Korea; the main selling point for me, was the fact that it was high summer and this BB had the promise that it was “All day strong,” which I had hoped meant it wouldn’t melt with the fierce, humid, Korean summer weather. Thankfully, on this fact, this BB remains true- which is why this product has become one of my firm favourites and a staple item in my beauty wardrobe of items! This BB is so resistant to daily ‘wear and tear,’ that I use a special BB cream cleanser (which I will review at a later date) and make up removal wipes just to ensure that my skin is completely clean at the end of the day!

Whilst some people might be frightened at the prospect of using  a BB cream that is so tough, and resistant to being cleansed off, I might be able to offer you some reassurance by saying that this BB cream has been ever so kind to my sensitive skin and hasn’t offered me any adverse reactions after over 8 months of use!

Another thing I like about this BB is that it comes in 3 different shades; when I first started exploring BB’s 2 or so years ago, I was annoyed at the fact that BB’s only came in one or two shades, which tended to usually be too fair for most people! Whilst 3 shades doesn’t sound like a vast change, it’s enough to mean that my dear tanned friend from Hawaii can also use this BB as well as my white(ish) self. It also means that I can alternate between using 2 different shades of this product depending on the season and the tone of my skin; so in the summer (when I’m a bit more tanned) I’ll use the darker shade number 3 and the lighter shade number 2 for the cooler Winters. It also isn’t a bank breaker since this product is pretty cheap.

The finish of this BB is as described, with a sheer glow; usually with other creams I’ve used, they’ve tended to leave a greasy or too shiney a finish which I dislike immensely, particularly during those summer months, but this BB offers enough ‘glow’ to make your skin look alive, whilst not making you look like a sweaty Betty during the summer!

I’ve been trying to think hard about what cons this product might have, but I don’t have any which would make or break my future intentions of purchasing it- I will and have repurchased this BB cream! Maybe the only ‘killer,’ is that I will have to continue to make purchases of my BB cleanser and make up removing tissues just to get rid of it at the end of the day? But I don’t mind, as long as my skin ends up squeaky clean and healthy! Oh and maybe that, if you leave the product in it’s bottle for too long, the texture changes over time and becomes thicker, which is a change to the original, only-one-pump-needed texture it has when you first purchase it! But even if you use two-pumps a day of this product, it should last for at least 8 months!

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