M.I.A in Korea

Posted on May 24, 2012


Hey Guys!

Wow, subscribers to my blog and occasional readers, will have probably noticed that I’ve not posted anything on here for close to a year!

To be honest, my inspiration for writing died out and I was at a loss for what to write..and moreso, because recently, my time has been spent living here in KOREA (!) and being an English teacher out here.

In a strange way, I’ve come full circle with this blog as it was Korean culture which first inspired me to start this blog, and now I’m here in the land of the ‘Morning calm,’ experiencing first-hand, all that I had written about.

As my time in Korea is coming to an end in August, I have been left with many impressions of this wonderful land and feel inspired to write again- so please look out for more from me!

Cookie ^__^V

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