My Kpop moment

Posted on June 10, 2012


If you live in Korea and you don’t like some aspect of KPop music then you’re either too old for it, or your failing to appreciate Korean culture. The main thing that made me grow to love and started my interest in Korean culture is KPop music, after I saw Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” music video for the first time!

Fast forward 3 years later, I’m living my dream in Korea and this weekend, my Korea obsession has come full circle, as I was able to go to a live recording of “Music Bank,” the  Kpop equivalent of Top of the Pops (maybe you only know this Brit music program if you’re a certain age LOL.)  I managed to convince one of our POE (Provincial Office of Education) bosses to look into getting us FREE tickets to the program, and they delivered beautifully, by getting us VIP tickets to the event!

I can’t lie, I have already seen KPop up close and personal, when I went to a Rain concert last year here in Korea (which I’ve never written about,) but this live recording would be different because of the mixed line up of artists; amongst them were SNSD girls from the subgroup Taetiseo, Wonder Girls, Sistar, 4 Minute, CNBlue (Yonghwa only), GNa, Infinite, Baek Ji Young, U-Kiss, Teen Top, Dalmation, A-Pink,  Mighty Mouth and Hello Venus! It’s a shame that each artists only performed one song each though.


Stadium status!

The live recording took place in Jeonju (my province’s Capital,) at the World Cup Stadium, which is built to hold over 40,000 people- on this occasion, there weren’t that many people, but I was still glad to be seated in the VIP pen on the lawn, amongst hundreds of other screaming KPop fans, rather than in the stands.

In the end, we were sat even closer than This!

Having been to a Kpop concert before, there is one big difference I notice between Korean and Western audiences- Korean audiences aren’t as loud or enthusiastic and it was the same for this Music Bank thing! So, it’s no surprise that the local press and Music Bank producers were interested in us 40 or so Foreigners sat amongst their audience. As a result a few of us (me included!) got our 3 seconds of fame on Korean TV, as we were soooo enthuastic in the audience.

Another thing about this live recording is just how fast everything moves; its silly to say, but you (obviously) don’t know or appreciate these behind the scenes changes as you sit at home and watch the program. Each artist barely had time to run on and off stage, before the next appeared!

Memorable Moments.

I am an avid KPop fan, but one of my friends is an even bigger FanBoy than I could ever be; as a result, he had hassled me for the whole week to create my own fan poster for my favourite artists, unfortunately, because it had been raining the WHOLE day up until the recording started, I decided to leave my poster at home 😦 I wasn’t left out though, because said friend had created a whole English lesson dedicated to making posters, so his students ensured we all had posters to wave up! Funnily enough though, there was a moment when I was waving my (given) Infinite poster, screaming and being all fangirl like, when the band was in fact Dalmation O_o Ooops.

Yongwha- my personal Favourite! He stole my heart ❤

I think it’s safe to say that I know who my favourite artist was, CN Blue’s Yonghwa! He wasn’t the main act, and was just a duet partner to an upcoming artist, however, to the audience he was EVERYTHING! The moment he walked on stage, carrying his guitar, in his blue outfit and earring bling blinging in the sunlight, I knew I was gone! Seriously, he is THE most handsome Korean guy I’ve seen so far during my time in Korea. He had so much power with a simple smile or glance at the audience, who proceeded to scream like crazy everytime he did so, or if his face popped up on the large screen.

Wondergirls were a surprise to me, because I hadn’t heard there knew song “Like this” yet but once it started playing, I knew I was hooked. Their dancing was SO good, and they had so much talent, that even their fanboys were screaming as loud as us girls were.
Taetiseo were the closing act for the live recording, and its undoubted how much of a stronghold SNSD has on Korean audiences. They barely stepped on stage and audiences were screaming like crazy, even as loud as us foreigners would. Even though one of the artists I had looked forward to seeing (Seohyun) is part of their line up, I have to say that Wondergirls’ performance had a lot more OOomph to it.

Me and my friends’ 2 seconds of fame!

It was 4Minute’s “Volume Up,” that allowed me to appear on TV for a few seconds; luckily I was sat next to a friend who liked to dance as much as me, so we’re caught on camera kinda grooving away, but I think we’re on TV, moreso because of our friends to my left, the obvious foreigners who Koreans are so enchanted with haha.

B1A4, were also a BIG surprise to me, because their new song “Baby, Goodnight,” is REALLY catchy, the chorus and hip wave were stuck in my head for so long after. I think my (previously mentioned) fanboy friend would be proud, since they’re his favourite artist!

Overall, I am of course VERY chuffed to have been able to tick another thing off of my Korea Bucket List, and for free! Also, after seeing these artists live, I have new songs to add to my playlist, and my love for KPop has continued to grow 😀

Check out 4 minutes performance below- see if you can spot me 😉