An unfinished post “I am a teacher in Korea”

Posted on July 19, 2012


On August 5th I returned to the UK, having spent a year living a dream life in Korea, I haven’t been back on my blog until now. London life has been hard to readjust to, as I still feel I have a Korean mentality ingrained in me and miss the country ever so much (everyday since I’ve been back!) Looking at my blog I found a post which I drafted up but never finished, I’ve decided to post it up anyway (in it’s unfinished state) as it represents a memory to me that I hold dearly- the bittersweet of leaving Korea and a glimpse of what Korea meant to me, I hope you enjoy reading the brief words I wrote….Maybe I will finish it someday?

On my last day with my students 😥

For the past year, I have been able to proudly say that I’m an English teacher in South Korea. You always have to mention the South or people will assume that you work for the baddies! Gunsan (군산) in the lovely province of Jeollabokdo has been my hometown and I’ve worked at two schools here; Sunyeon (선연) and my current school, Okbong (옥봉).

Today is the sad day that I say Goodbye to this privilaged title of being an English Teacher here in Korea, as I start my last day of teaching. Teaching has had its hardships (school politics, being left in the dark with things and language barriers) but the positives far outweigh everything and justifies my time here. Unashambly, I will admit that I’ve become a friend with my students and have only occasionally had to reign them in with my Teacher powers…I have been blessed with that.

I will miss seeing my students laugh, the way they shout for my attention by shouting “Teacher, 쌤,선생님” and “Sarah Teacher.” I will miss them showing progress and understanding of new topics or words. I will miss walking into the canteen and being greeted as if I’m a celebrity with all the “Hi’s” I get. I will miss the random visits Kinders make to my class just so they can hug, kiss and tell me they love me.

And to end things…here’s a video project I did with my last students, to give you an idea of just how loveable these kids could be 😀

Oh Korea, how can I ever forget you or let you go???

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