My Kpop Playlist 1: Busker Busker and Huh Gak.

Posted on October 1, 2012


My addiction to Korean music started in 2009, and now 3 years later, my tastes have continued to grow and a big part of that growth is due to the year I’ve spent living in Korea. British understanding and interest in Korean music has only kick-started, so the whole country has  at least 3 years of knowledge to catch up on compared to me! However, I want to aid in this growth and education by sharing with you guys my own personal playlist of Korean songs I LOVE.

As a pre-warning, you should know that my tastes will be as unique as Korea is and let you know that I’ve grown to love more than just KPop 😀 Luckily for you, you can rest assured that my knowledge of Korean music has a 1 year authentication seal of approval, and is a reflection of what me and my friends (including REAL Koreans :p) listened/listen to. So in that way, you’re getting more insider knowledge. I hope you enjoy this new thread! Now just sit back and listen to loveliness!

Busker Busker (버스커 버스커)

This 3 piece Indie band really took a hold of Korea from 2011 after they competed on the Korean music competition TV programme, “Superstar K”; throughout the Christmas period and way into the summer of 2012, their songs would be played in almost all cafes’, restaurants and public spaces. The band consist of 2 Korean University students and their American professor and you can read more about them HERE. For you guys, I will introduce you to 2 songs of theirs; “Cherry Blossom Ending (벚꽃 엔딩)” was their most popular track to date and was the song that I heard EVERYWHERE.

This 2nd song is my personal favourite “If You Really Love Me (정말로 사랑한다면)”, because it really hit a chord with me after I broke up with my boyfriend in Korea and became my go to song at that time.

Huh Gak (허각)

Unintentionally, it seems like this Kpop playlist has become a “Superstar K” playlist, because my next artists was also a contestant on the Korean TV Programme! However, discounting this fact, Huh Gak is different from Busker Busker, because he is a solo artist with such a rich, distinctive voice, that all his loves songs (which I like best from him) brings me to tears. Huh Gak is unique to the Kpop world because his image isn’t preened and he’s not a heart-throb, but his voice is just SO loveable. You can read more about him HERE.

I love his music so much, that I have a Huh Gak playlist on my Youtube account that I listen to. It’s hard for me to pick 2 songs from him, but I have! The first is “Hello,” which is a song that always reminds me of when me and my girlfriends rang in 2012 during NYE in Seoul; he performed at the Jogno bell ringing (which is where NYE famously takes place in Seoul,) and I will always remember my girls running down the street, screaming with happiness as they heard him sing this song. From that day on, we would always sing this song so cheerily because of that NYE memory- but the song itself and the MV (as with most of Huh Gak’s songs) is really heartbreaking.

My 2nd song choice, is my current favourite, his version of a 1999 Korean song called “There is only you” (오직 너뿐인 나를)  originally sung by Lee Seung Chul 이승철. This is a cover Huh Gak did whilst participating on “Superstar K,” but WOW I love his version better than the original. In the video below, when he hits that drops before he belts out “사랑해” (“I LOVE YOU”) is just breathtaking!

I hope you enjoy these songs…I think I will show you all my fave Huh Gak songs over time 😛

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