Korean Lookbook: Casual Autumn-Wear

Posted on October 9, 2012


Suddenly we are in October 2012 and it’s Autumn, my 2 months of being back in the UK have passed relatively quietly, but I’m shocked at how quickly the weather has changed; there was barely any Summer and now we’re deep into the colder, rainier, greyer days. Because of this seasonal change, I thought it was about this I updated my wardrobe and also write a new post, sharing with you all looks that typical Koreans would be rocking during this Autumnal/colder days. This time last year, I had been living in Korea for just over 2 months and excited to spend my first pay-check on a new wardrobe!

Korean Style Tips

Koreans have a very distinct way of dressing, and it becomes apparent with each season; For Autumn/Winter, I find the following tips usually best depict the look Koreans go for.

  • Keep silhouettes boxy, not tight or cleavage baring for tops.
  • Safari Jackets– are a must for keeping the wind away, especially if you’re rocking  GIANT hood to match,
  • Wear high-heels with almost every outfit, if not, then compromise by wearing Converses or brightly coloured New Balance trainers. Seriously, only in Korea would New Balance be such a popular brand- which is such a contrast to my old school days here in the UK, when kids would be bullied for wearing New Balance shoes and even more so if they were fluorescent coloured. The other popular type of footwear for this weather are Walker boots, as above, and if you’re typically Korean and can’t live without wearing heels then there are even high-heeled versions of the boots available to wear.
  • Layer up– Koreans have a very interesting way of layering their clothes. Before, I used to find it really weird to see a long top being worn with a very long skirt- everything would just look too frumpy to me, but Koreans carry it off well. For this season, wear long, boxy tops layered over camisoles and mini-skirts for that Korean look.
  • Bare those legs– Koreans LOVE to show off their legs as much as they love to wear heels. Which kind of makes sense because if you’re permanently in heels, then your legs will always look long and lovely, so why not show them off? The only problem with this is that Snow is always forecast for Winters in Korea, luckily Koreans have skin-coloured, heat insulating tights available to buy so the don’t suffer as much, and also because (I sometimes wonder to myself) they have legs made of steel that don’t feel the cold!
  • Wear fur like clothes– my Korean friends and co-teachers would always say, “you should buy some fur to wear,” for the Winter, and I didn’t understand why, until temperatures hit -8C and snow fell everyday. Obviously if you don’t want to wear a dead animal on your body (as I do not) then I’m saying wear fake fur.
  • Rock bold colours and prints– after-all  you gotta stand out amongst the cold Winter. In London, when Winter hits, you can walk through a sea of people wearing Black or Grey Clothes, in Korea, people stick to bright colours, which kinda of lifts your soul when you’re freezing to death.


Pink Skinny Jeans, Button Back Detail Jumper, Cream Ankle Boots.

Black Shoe Boots, Hooded Cardigan, White Heart TeeDenim Shorts,

Long Back White Shirt, Mini Skirt Leggings, Safari Jacket,  Converses,