Saem Mool Jung

Posted on October 9, 2012


Early followers of my blog will know that I have my own YouTube channel HERE where I used to review beauty products (as featured on my blog) but that I’ve long since uploaded a video; despite this, I am still a YouTube creeper and like to keep up to date with my fellow Youtubers.

Saem Mool Jung Youtube Channel

This post is a first for me, because I’d like to take the time to direct my readers over to an awesome YouTube channel I’ve found HERE, which is by the Korean make up artists Ms Saem Mool Jung. On her wonderful channel, you can find out how she creates great make up looks as rocked by some of your favourite Korean pop-stars, actresses and celebs! She even does hair tutorials! I only came across the channel after looking at the Korean make up brand “MULE” and wanting to find out more about the brand- only after did I discover that this brand was launched by Ms Jung herself. Turns out she’s a very talented and successful lady, who has been the make up artist for stars such as Lee Hyori and Boa!

Personally I am useless at applying make up and doing hair, which is why I’ve never done any tutorials on my blog or YouTube Channel! But if I had to choose one person to give me a make-over or tutorial, then it’d be her! I wish I had discovered Ms Jung’s YouTube channel sooner, when I was still living in Korea as I probably would’ve paid to buy some MULE products (only easily available in Korea I think) and to go see her myself, to be transformed into a Kpop star for the day- well at least looks wise.