Korean MV Fail

Posted on October 25, 2012


I’ve been a long standing fan of Korean music, which has evolved from initially just liking Kpop to liking Korean Indie, Rock and Ballads too. Kpop videos these days seem to have many flaws with being too sexy or too Western, but I’ve not had any major grievances with this until now- and I’m surprised because my annoyance doesn’t come from the Kpop side of the music but from a ballad singer!

I had never heard of Kim Jang Hoon before, but reading a recent AllKpop article (HERE) I was intrigued because his latest Music Video featured Paris Hilton; honestly, I was drawn to the article because I wondered who would be ridiculous enough to hire her to be in their music video. I was expecting it to be a joke music video, with comedic effects and from a jokey Kpop singer similar to Psy. In fact it turned out to be the WAY opposite.

Kim Jang Hoon’s latest song “Nothing,” is a wonderful power, ballad that is ruined if you watch the music video; the reported, $1.3 million production cost for this MV clearly went into hiring Paris Hilton for the video and not much else, besides a few slow-mo cameras. I was seriously disappointed that such a great song and singer, ruined it all by deciding to hire her. Once I watched the MV, all you could think about were the negative connotations of what Ms Hilton is famous for, and the meaning behind the song and MV were lost.

I suppose this MV has become an example of how Korean artists or producers think it’s cool to use Caucasian faces in their MVs and whilst I can’t dispute that this will appeal greatly to Korean audiences who  (I found during my time in Korea) love and idolise ‘foreigners,’  I think that choosing Paris Hilton was just wrong. If they wanted just a Caucasian face for their MV they should have hired any other actress, or even unknown white face and thought through clearly (researched more) how Westerners would feel about the MV.  Such a waste of a good song!

Great song, shame about the video, but check it out below and tell me what you think!

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