My Kpop Playlist 2: Break up songs part 1

Posted on November 2, 2012


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One of the main reasons why I began falling in love with Korean music was that it was fresh and different to the mainstream RnB type music that had grown popular in UK chart music. Kpop has the awesome dancing and beautiful Idols to fall in love with. But Korean music also has many famous ballad singers, who have created MANY songs that I listened to on constant repeat whilst in Korea and nursing a broken heart. If you’re going through a break up, or just feel like listening to meaningful songs, then check out my pick of Korean break up songs now!

Davichi “Do Men Cry.”

One of my favourite duos is Davichi- these women have some of the best vocals in the Korean music industry, as well as the beauty to go with it.

This song was the one that made me cry over and over again after my break up because the lyrics put it so succinctly how I felt at that time. Just listening to this song and reading these lyrics again made me teary eyed. Such an amazing song!

Baek Ji Young

This female Korean, solo artist is the Queen of Kdrama OSTs, she has contributed to SO many soundtracks, with her song “That Woman (그여자)”  from the Number 1 Kdrama “Secret Garden,” being her most memorable one to date. Whilst this song, is an epic, love ballad in it’s own right, here are a few of her other songs that I love, simply because the lyrics are amazing and the whole feeling of each song is heartbreakingly sad.

“Don’t Forget”

“It hurts here”

“Voice,” This song features raps by Leesang’s Gary, which I find so refreshing and by adding a male dimension to the song, gives it such power!

2AM “I wonder if you hurt like me.”

Not to be mistaken for their sexy, dancing label-mates 2PM, 2AM are famous for their great vocals and being the more power, ballad kind of singers. It’s nice to hear male singers, expressing the pains of love and relationships. I’m glad I discovered this song by accident.

FT Island “Severely”

Of all these songs, this one is the most personal to me because it was my ex-BF’s kick back ringtone; at the time, when we were dating, every time I rang him, I thought this song was cool but it wasn’t until we broke up that it came to take on it’s own meaning. Because of these memories and the lyrics of this song, I had to add it to my list. Also, it goes to prove that break up songs don’t necessarily have to be violin sad- this is a rocky break up song and I love it for that.

Sistar “Ma Boy”

A VERY different type of break up song- this gives more of a ‘girl power’ kind of vibe to a break up, about not being mistreated. I loved the whole feel of this song, whilst I bet men will love the sexy arse video. Every girl should do the body wave whilst singing this song 😀 I thought it’d be best to end this playlist on a relative high after all the sadness.