Korean lookbook: Spring/Summer 2013

Posted on March 22, 2013


After hibernating for (what feels like) 7 long months, because Autumn and Winter took hold of the U.K weather, I can finally begin to pack away my jumpers, cardigans, and clothes that generally cover every inch of my body. With my 2 favourite seasons just around the corner, I thought it’d be nice to share with you all some key pieces, I think, will be a nice addition to the wardrobe- and, they perfectly capture the ‘Korean,’ style I got so accustomed to seeing, whilst living there in 2012!

Korean style tips

Before you go out and update your wardrobe, I’d like share some Tips with you that will help incorporate that ‘Korean twist’ to your styling:

  • Remember that, showing off lots of leg is fine but don’t bare too much cleavage! Think, high-waisted shorts, mini skirts, and the like.
  • Sometimes all you need are great accessories like a handbag, sunglasses or a scarf in a beautiful print, to update your look.
  • High heels tend to go with EVERYTHING (I’ve even seen Korean girls hike up mountains in heels- though I wouldn’t recommend it!) But if you can’t walk in heels (like me) then, wedges, or even Nikes, Converses, New Balance or Asics (Koreans’ favourite sports-gear brands) can work.
  • Try to channel as much girliness (think colours and the cut of clothing) as you can- if not, then go classic, with a well cut shirt/blazer etc.
  •  Hair styles tend to be either long and sleek, long and wavy, neatly tied into a bun or a recent trend has been ombre coloured hair.

(Click on the item names below for links to buy)


Korean women are definitely some of the best-dressed women I’ve ever come across, and regardless of the seasons (unlike us Westerners,) they always seem to dress classically and with an obvious hint of girliness. Nothing defines femininity more than pastel colours; these are your beautiful mint greens, peach, sky blues, pink and generally any colour that instantly makes you think of “Spring.”

If you choose to wear just one pastel coloured item at a time (for either your tops or bottoms), I’d recommend you team with something white to give it a full Spring vibe. For accessories, I’d go with gold or earthy colours like brown.

Spring look 1

(Clockwise from left) Flounced bodycon dress £18.75,  Cream blouse £30Rose coloured top £28.00Lace sleeve blouse £18

Spring look 2(Clockwise from top-left) Scallop edge vest £8, Denim shorts £16.75,  Necklace £7.99, Bag £14.99, Converses £45, Bracelet £6.99

Spring look 3

(From Left) Look 1: Lace panel top £22, Heart print skirt £18, Heeled sandals £40

Look 2: Pink cami top £10, Skinny jeans with rivets £29.99, Wedge shoes £60


Coming from the U.K, our Spring’s still have a brisk, cold air to them and Korean spring weather is no different. Thankfully there are a few staple, jacket items you can buy to add to your wardrobe, my personal choice of ‘must haves,’ would be a leather jacket, mac, safari jacket and blazer. All are good for mixing, and for either dressing up or down your outfit- plus, they stylishly keep out the cold!

Sring jackets

Religion Leather jacket £130 (sale price)Mac (Approx) £15Safari Jacket (Approx) £24,  Blazer (Approx) £20.


Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 14.06.16

Lastly, one of my favourite fashion items and, I’d say ‘habit/addiction,’ I picked up whilst living in Korea, is wearing shirts; standard, buttoned up shirts that can easily be dressed up for a night out or down (for example with jeans/shorts) for a weekend away. I don’t know if it’s because I’m deep into my 20’s but I believe that wearing a shirt accentuates your best features (if it’s well cut), and makes you feel very ladylike. Shirts are very popular now (I’ve noticed within the past year in the UK) and many local, high street stores have fabulous designs which I feel have influences from Korean fashion. The picture above is an example of some VERY Korean styles of shirts, if you click on the picture, you will be redirected to GMarket, where you can find loads of shirts directly from Korea! I prefer to buy my shirts from Korea because I have a very Asian body type (small chest and waist) so I find that they fit me better than UK ones, and they also seem to be of better quality for a slightly lower price!