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Posted on March 31, 2013


Now, this is a strange post for me to write, because I’ve never written anything along the same lines before; so unique is this post, that I don’t even know where to categorise it! However, don’t let this put you off reading this post, because I came across something very interesting which I  thought was worth sharing with my readers.

As you all may know, this blog is my hobby and opportunity to share with you all, all the things I’m interested in, but in a prior life (i.e a few years ago) I started this blog as a way to keep up with my writing and (then) dreams of becoming a journalist or some sort of writer. Well, life doesn’t always turn out the way you want, and I now work in retail ><; This lead me to wonder if it was time for a career change, and generally question what I wanted from my life.

Long story short, I ended up Googling “Personality tests,” and came across one called “Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to personality;” I studied Psychology in College and was aware of these psychologist, but was more interested in finding out whether my personality type was suited for my newly planned career change.

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For this personality test, you simply answer 72 in-depth, “Yes” or “No,” questions, before you’re given your own, personalised, 4-letter type personality formula. I’ve completed personality tests before for fun, but none have been as in-depth and (I feel) accurate as this one by Jung and Myers, so much so, that I wanted to share it with you, incase you’re in a similar life situation as me, feeling a bit lost and just want something that might help push you in the right direction with life. After completing this test, I found the final piece of reassurance I needed to invest in my career change and a push to go back to school for it!

Oh, and incase any of you are wondering, my personality type is “I.N.F.J,” apparently one of the rarest in the world 🙂

Here’s the free link to Jung and Myer’s personality test link for any readers who might want to try it out for themselves:

Jung and Myer’s Personality test

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