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Posted on April 26, 2013


When the New Year comes around, are you one of those people who eagerly makes New Year’s resolutions such as going on a diet or starting that fitness regime? In my mind, I always say that I will change many things with the new year, but as with most resolutions they don’t materialise or stay around for long. However, it’s near the end of April, and I’ve decided to just change one thing about me- something which I think will be easier to do day-by-day and for the long term. I just want to improve my Health! Which is my body and mind.

Nope, I don’t want to radically lose weight but I do want to tone up, have better muscles and not feel as if I’m at death’s door after a half an hour walk. Mentally, I don’t want to live a life that is stressed with “what ifs,” about past issues that I can’t change and things in the future that might not even happen!

I hope that blog readers might want to join me in becoming healthier? How? Well, I have a list of things I plan to do, hopefully it will inspire you too?

A smoothie a day


One of my yummy smoothies 🙂

On the weekend, I bought a whole bunch of fruit and plain yoghurt, and for the past few days I’ve been replacing my usual Brit cuppa tea with a smoothie; hence my “smoothie a day,” resolution. I realise that I probably don’t consume enough vitamins per day, so this gives me a nice awakening every morning, and it’s also a nice way to welcome in the warmer days that are coming with the Spring/Summer weather. My favourite smoothie recipe so far has been Black grapes (which are in season at the moment and SO sweet,) banana, plain yoghurt and some honey for sweetness. Yums 🙂

Little fitness changes (to start with)

When it comes to fitness, people always seem to think that you need to take on some sort of intense fitness routine, every day, for at least an hour. But did you know that going for a walk is as good for you as running? It’s just that if you want to burn an equal amount of calories as running, you have to walk for longer- simple! My main motivation to walk for over an hour a day is to go to my ‘local,’ Super-mega-supermarket, which usually takes a 2 hr round trip if I walk, plus my walk includes a scenic walk through my local park, so the journey doesn’t feel that long at all.

Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 13.05.22

Simply, walk more, on those days when you’ve got nothing to do, there’s nothing better then walking around people watching or taking in the local scenery, it also helps to clear your mind, which can become cluttered with weekday thoughts.

I’ve also encouraged my Mum to join me on this new ‘healthy’ venture, and bought her a foldable exercise bike to use; I chose this for her because she has limited mobility in her legs, so this works out her whole body but in the least damaging way, she cycles for half an hour in the morning and the evening and has lost about 2 kgs in weight by doing this for the past month and eating healhier!

Do a bit of cardio

I don’t like the idea of joining a gym because I can’t afford it and because I don’t think I could work out (all sweaty, puffy and red) without feeling terribly self conscious. I started doing work out videos a few years ago but gave up on them because they didn’t seem to make me feel fitter at all. However, I googled around and found a fab DVD called “30 day shred,” which I started using 2 years ago before I left for Korea. Now that I’m back in the UK, I’ve returned to using the DVD, and have been using it every other day, for the past week. If you google the title of the video, you will see some amazing real-life before and after pictures of people who have followed the DVD plan. I will write more about this DVD in a later most- meanwhile, you can find the whole thing available for free on Youtube HERE is part 1 of it ^^

Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 13.00.41

Walking is a good way of getting your heart pumping, but if you want to up your fitness levels just that little bit more, I’d encourage you to look into cardio work such as swimming or the dvd I suggested.

Use less Social Media.

I feel like a hypocrite for saying this, seeing as I have an instagram, Twitter, and Pininterest for my blog alone, but I do feel that sometimes you need to cut down on how much social media you use.

For myself, I’ve found that Facebook has tended to make me more mentally stressed than happy in recent times; this is because I realise that most of my friends I don’t see in real life and because I end up comparing myself to the lives that other’s lead i.e. how ‘sucessful,’ or how much fun they seem to be having in life, which leaves me feeling a bit emptier with my life.

Depending on which social media platform you find yourself addicted to, or leaves you having such negetive, mental stress- I suggest you cut back on using it. I used to go on Facebook 5 or more times a day, basically whenever I was bored and had nothing to concetrate on. Nowadays, I’ve stuck to a once a day rule with Facebook, just to check in with the world and my friends- nothing more!

Spend more time on yourself.

I usually only have 1 day off a week, because of work, family and life commitments, which ends up leaving me feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, I’m learning to use my time better during the day, whether it’s an hour here or there, I will take this hour to do what I enjoy; maybe watch an episode of my fav tv prog, write a blog post, and most recently, writing my own book paragraph by paragraph.

Use your free time on yourself, to make yourself feel better.

All in all, I hope that these changes to my life will mean a healthier version of ME and maybe you too ^^

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