Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Posted on April 28, 2013


I had read about this new advert by the brand “Dove,” but had yet to see it until it popped up whilst I was on Youtube; the description for the ad states that only 4% of women perceive themselves as beautiful.

The idea behind this ad is that it makes us question how harshly we judge our own beauty. Dove hired a Police sketch artist to draw women’s faces based on the descriptions the women would give about themselves (the sketch artist couldn’t see these women at all,) afterwards a stranger who had only spent a few minutes speaking with these women, would enter the room and give their description of these women to the sketch artists.

Watch the advert below and tell me what you gather from it.

I really love this advert, because it makes you question whether or not you are as ‘ugly,’ as you think you are. All those flaws that you notice about your skin, the shape of your nose, your wonky smile (these are what I see in myself), do strangers notice them too? If strangers perceive you as more beautiful than you think you are, WOW, doesn’t that just empower you and give you a little more self-confidence? I think this is an advert that should be showed to teenagers or people who might be struggling with their body image, to give them a small boost of self-confidence.

There have been parodies of this ad on Youtube and even videos asking if the advert is sexist, I don’t really see how it can be, and I choose to ignore looking too deeply into the advert’s other secret meanings. I choose to embrace it for the simple, positive messages it sends.

What do you take-away from the advert? “Do you think you’re more beautiful then you say?” Let me know by commenting below!

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