Beauty buy inspirations

Posted on May 5, 2013


Despite being a beauty blogger, I’m actually very careful with any beauty purchases I make and rarely make impulse purchases. I always read online reviews from other users to see if a product comes highly recommended- if not, I don’t part with my cash. Furthermore, I’ll often watch youtube videos for ‘inspiration,’ on what to buy, and recently found a video by the lovely beauty Guru FleurDeForce, who shot a collaborative youtube vid, where she and her counterpart U.S beauty Guru did a “U.K vs U.S,” product exchange!

I really enjoyed watching this vid, and have already purchased some of the items Fleur recommended (as you can see below ^^), which I highly anticipate using and reviewing for you in the future!


Funnily enough, I think the U.S beauty Guru was seriously weak with her item selection- she didn’t research the fact that the N.Y.C brand is easily available in the U.K and that most of her products came off looking cheap compared to what Fleur offered!

Hope you enjoy the video, and that it inspires you to make some purchases too- you can watch the vid below 😀