New Favourite Song by Noel 노을

Posted on May 12, 2013


My love affair with Korean music is definitely going through a ‘ballad,’ phase; a friend of mine once said that Kpop music is overrated and formulaic- I disagreed with him, asking him if he at least listened to ballad music. Now, I don’t know if it’s because he’s a guy or just has a cold, cold heart, but he was unmoved by ballad singers too. Sure, ballad songs can be a bit cliche, like how K-dramas can grow over time with their romantic plot-lines, BUT it’s just an amazing moment when you find a Korean ballad song that seems to speak to your heart.

Maybe I’m growing sentimental with age? However, Noel’s (노을) song “Things that I couldn’t say,” (하지 못한 말) has been on my replay list for days! It’s (obviously,) a break-up song, but the way it’s arranged with such pure, male vocals, simple background music accompaniment and general R&B vibes, is just amazing. My favourite part of the song is the bridge when one of the singers speaks the lyrics of the chorus- it just gives me shivers down my spine.

“Meet someone good and smile.

Live as you receive even more love.

Forget about how I couldn’t treat you well and my pitiful memories.

The memories of the hard days, memories of the happy days,”

Noel are a 4 piece, male group signed up with Leon Entertainment, who debuted wayyy back in 2002, but aside from these details, I don’t know anything more about the group! However, after listening to this one song, I will definitely pay the group much more attention. Do any of you guys out there know more about the group or have any more songs by them that you could recommend me? Leave me a comment below if you do!

Anyway, here’s the beautiful song. The Youtube video is rather boring compared to the typical Korean MV’s you see that might involve a whole love story in the video- but I suppose, the video’s simplicity allows for more attention to the feeling of the song and just the general feeling one would have after a break up?

English lyrics link HERE