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If you would like to get in touch with me because of any business related enquiries then please feel free to email me at: cookiesbeautyblog@gmail.com

About me:

If you’re reading this, then “Hello, Cookie here” 🙂

So you wanna know about me and my blog eh? Well, I have a long standing passion for writing (I even studied it in University) and this blog is a way for me to indulge in this passion. The contents of this blog is a combination of my love for writing and the other great ‘loves’ in my life including music (I’m currently KPop mad), travelling and, of course, beauty products!

Now about me, hmm, I am not a boastful person, like to think I’m calm /approachable most of the time, and inherently, I am an avid writer but a lazy reader of books but not magazines or blogs!

Things I like:

Korea (EVERYTHING about the country), Travelling, Music, Writing, Fashion (though I don’t look that fashionable), Reading Mags, Anywhere sunny, Eating good food, Green tea Bubble tea (yum), K-Pop music (oh yeah) , Samsung Phones,  Cooking, Attempting to take fab SELCA’s (I fail most of the time), Free/down time and Looking after my niece and nephew when they’re in a giggly mood hehe

Things I hate:

Rudeness, Bitter foods, Cold weather, Stuck up people, Insects (eek), and… that’s all I can think of!

If you like what I like or hate what I hate then woohoo- glad we have something in common!


Cookie (“,)

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  1. hello miss cookie can i have as my supplier of skinfood or etude house here in the Philippines?you can charge me service charge and i will pay for the items on gmarket and shippin.please help. skinfood here is very high my email address:overjoyed_14@yahoo.com. what is your email address so we can talk i hope you will respond and help me thank you have a nice day

  2. hey cookie! I ENJOYED reading your blog especially on kpop & beauty~ i’ve just started to love korean culture & all (ANYTHING/EVERYTHING KOREAN to be precise!) i’m turning 20 next year and it’ll be my first time travelling to Seoul with my sister! I’m the eldest and travelling alone especially to foreign country with my 18 year old sis is really scary but adventurous i must say , where i have ZERO knowledge on its language and places. mind to ‘advice’ me on where to shop, eat, stay & etc?? i loveeeee your korea travelling moment and hopefully i’ll benefit something from you. thanks! xx

    • Hello- thank you for reading my blog and for the love!

      I will be creating a few posts especially for you and other readers who need some inside info on visiting Seoul- so keep and eye out for them I’ll hopefully be able to post up part one by the end of today! 🙂

  3. Hey Cookie!!

    I just wanna say that your blog is really awesome!! A lot of information concerning Korea (<3), tipps and tricks, and yeah, gossip, every girls favorite XD Keep it up!

    Best wishes from Austria!
    Xoxo Little M


  4. Sylsyl

    May 10, 2011

    Cookie dear,
    Thank you so much for the millionssss information of Seoul! You’re an angel and I can’t wait for the upcoming useful tips and info! Will keep myself updated with your oh-so-awesome blog! Can’t wait for next year Korea trip and I’m so blessed when I bumped into your blog! I even printed out your tips and places to visit! You’re better than the guidebook.

    God blesss darl! xx


    • Cookie

      May 11, 2011

      Aw! Thanks for reading! I’ve got another installment in my draft box, but am struggling to find the time to finish it up to the standards I want! BUT it is coming soon 😉

  5. Hi! Please can you contact me. We are looking for writers to write about beauty, cosmetics and wellness products for our website. Thanks.


    • Cookie

      June 15, 2011

      Hi there! Unfortunately, I write for fun really- I can’t commit to writing full time as i have my job to fulfil! Sorry I can’t be of any help… maybe in the future, when/if I return to writing full time!

  6. Thanks for the interesting and useful writing on Seoul. I’m off there on holiday for a week in late October and by chance have already booked the Doulos hotel that you stayed in, so the “how to get from the airport to the hotel” stuff is super-useful. I’ll be printing and taking some of the other pages too, though I’ll pass on the fashion/beauty stuff. For a guy, I’d be suprised if Seoul was a better clothes shopping place than Hong Kong.

    • Apparently, shopping for men’s clothes in Korea is more expensive then shopping for women’s clothes; my one problem with shopping for clothes (in general) in Seoul, is that you just don’t know when you should haggle etc. If you stay to stores with set prices/price tags, then you should be fine. Generally though, I do love Korean fashion above all else at the moment!

  7. Hi Cookie! I’ve just finished reading all your Seoul trip-related posts and I’ve got a few questions that hopefully you’ll be able to answer? You see, I’m also from the UK, but I’m looking to leave this year (now that uni’s over) and I’m undecided as to where I should work: Tokyo or Seoul? In Tokyo it’d be easier for me ’cause I’m Japanese, so I can speak the language (duh!), and the pay is actually better… But then I’m sure things in Tokyo are more expensive than in Seoul? And I love Korean culture, so I’d really like to try living in a new place. I’ve never been to Seoul, not even once, so I was wondering how much does travelling cost roughly? Like on the subway and stuff? And my Korean is so dreadfully rubbish, would I even survive there?!


    • Cookie

      May 25, 2012

      Great question! Please wait, I will dedicate a whole post to answering this question in my new thread Q&AK ;D

  8. you are a pretty Cookie 🙂

    good blog you have, my family and i are going like in next week and found some good plans from here.

    How about any details on the nightlife, say clubbing?

    • For clubbing in Seoul, I recommend you check out the cheap student area of Hongdae which is packed with clubs! Otherwise the upmarket Gangnam area, I went to a club called “Octagon” there and it was really good, my friends also recommend “Ellui” in Gangnam. Hope you have fun in Korea!

  9. Hi Cookie — is there a way to reach you by email? I’m working on a magazine story about Korean beauty and fashion and think you could be a great expert to interview for the piece. Would love to connect with you! Please let me know, thanks 🙂


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