Blogs and Websites I keenly follow!

For K-Pop Music Info:

All K Pop

K Pop Live

For Korean Culture:

The Grand Narrative – A unique white, male perspective of living in Korea as an expatriate.

Eat You Kimchi– (Power couple in the Korean blogging world) Simon and Martina share their stories on Korean life and KPop culture,  as English teachers. KPop addicts should especially keep tabs on their youtube channel HERE for their fun “Kpop Mondays” videos!

MentalPoo– don’t be put off by the blog title, she’s actually very nice, and likes to write about the quirks of working in corporate Korea!

Wawa Dance Academy– for all you KPop dancing buffs who can throw a shape or two, this channel is from a dance school who are AWESOME at imitating the dances from your favourite KPop stars!

For Asian Buys: in the Asian shopping world, they are God; supplying Asian fashion, accessories and beauty items all under one very user friendly website! Hong Kong based beauty supply website; I purchased something from them once, they offer competitive prices, but you should watch out for the fact that you might end up having to pay for tax when you receive your items (as I did!) but definitely a site worth checking out if you’re looking for those hard to find Asian beauty items!

GMarket: The Korean equivilent of Ebay (without the bidding), but A LOT more image heavy; however a great go to place if you want to buy those ‘to die for’ Korean items you often see the celebs sporting!

For Asian Dramas and Films they have English subbed Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Hong Kongese dramas and films! (formerly known as A good place to catch up with Korean dramas in a whole variety of subbed languages, but sometimes a bit too traffic heavy and you might need to install their special Viki plug-in to watch the videos properly!

If You’re Planning A Trip To Seoul:

Visit Korea: the official website for Korean Tourism

Visit Seoul: for all the info you ever wanted to know when planning your trip to Seoul

Tripadvisor: THE place you have to check out for reviews on any hotel, tour, or sightseeing location you may visit.

Seoul MRT: for info on how to use the Seoul metro and train system; with a useful interactive metro map, for planning those journeys.

Doulos Hotel: the hotel I stayed at in Seoul- I highly recommend it for it’s central location to key tourist sights, price, friendly staff and clean rooms!


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