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Posted on May 10, 2011


Hello dear readers!

So, I was having a little think today and thinking about how I’d love to be able to write more on my blog, but that I’m pretty limited on topics to write if they aren’t reviews of beauty products…the problem is that I’ve not got that many more reviews to write because a)I’m still at the trial stage for some products b) the main reason I started this blog was that I had accumulated SO many beauty products as a result of my search for finding products that could help me, my skin and acne. However, since learning that my acne could be hormonal (and taking medicine for this), I’ve put a brake on buying any new beauty products…. thus my reviewing may slow to a halt.

BUT, what I began thinking about today was how I wanted to share with you more personal, beauty related posts, more specifically, my trails/tribulations with the different aspects of beauty and just the many different things that catch my eye when it comes to beauty. And so, henceforth, please expect such posts soon! I hope you’ll enjoy reading these new posts, and sorry to disappoint if you’re only here to read my reviews 😦 But if you hang around, I hope I’ll give you a new (interesting) perspective on things, and that I get your feedback and thoughts on any of the new topics I write about! I would LOVE to hear if you do or don’t share my views on these topics!

Thanks for reading this post 🙂

Cookie ^^,

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